An Introduction! (Christina)

Hi Everyone!

It’s me – Christina.  The girl that’s usually standing next to Jess in her running pictures.  She’s convinced me that’s a good idea to blog during my marathon training experience so here we go

But first – here’s a little bit about me.


Jess and I met in Baltimore and lived together for about a year.  I was looking for a roommate and Jess showed up with a hot pink Dooney and Burke bag and I knew we would get along.  She moved down to Atlanta and then I moved to Charlotte, NC in May 2011.  I was looking for some big changes and a fresh start.  Around January of 2012 I decided that part of those big changes would be to lose weight.  I had been overweight for years and was pretty unhappy.


That picture over there on the left is May 2011 and the one on the right is May 2014.  I lost about 75 pounds and a lot of that is because I started running.  The running started sometime in the Spring of 2012 when I saw a friend post about a running the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  You see – I love Disney.  And running a half marathon there was a perfect excuse to spend some time in the Happiest Place on Earth.  So I mentioned the idea to my friend Brooke and we started training use the Jeff Galloway interval method.  I remember when we ran our first 7 miler and I thought – okay, this is doable – I can run 13.1.

Brooke and I ran – walked our way through Disney in January 2013.


And I was hooked.  I ran 2 more half marathons that year.  The Disney Wine and Dine and Jessica’s first half – the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon.

Jess really pushed me to keep running and keep training.  I’m certain that without her I would have fallen off running and would probably still be using the walk-run method.

2014 was pretty much all about running for me.  I raced 128.2 miles in 2014.  5 half marathons, 2 15ks, 2 10ks, and 4 5ks.  I trained all year and PR’d a whole bunch.  My final PR was with Jess at the Atlanta Half Marathon with a 2:12:50 – a time I never thought possible.


So that pretty much takes us to Marathon Training.  Which – you should know – scares me to death. But that’s pretty normal for me.  At the start of every race, Jess will talk about our goals and at around mile 11 of every race she will tell me about our goals for the next race.  I pretty much tell her to stop doing drugs every time.  But here we are – training for 26.2 at the Rock and Roll DC Marathon.  When I think about the person that I was when I started run, I can’t believe that I’ve become a person that wakes up to run before dawn.  I’ve become a person that ran a half marathon this morning and called it a training run.  It’s unbelievable to me.  But here we are – week 2 of training is complete.


Next week is cross training Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, rest Friday, and 7 miles Saturday.

Hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me!

Any questions about finding a love for running?

Any questions about my weight loss journey?

Any questions about my new flashing bling from this morning?

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