An Overdue Update

Hey there! It’s been awhile (3 weeks, in fact) since my last update.  What’s going on? Well, a lot.  Let’s catch up.

Work has been a lot busier.  We’ve had a couple people move out of our group, and my boss is getting ready to go on a medical leave.  I’ve also hit the six month mark which means I really am starting to have a good idea of what I’m doing.  All this means I’m busier at work and I don’t feel like getting on a computer when I get home.  The good news is I’m still loving my job which is a great sign 6 months in!

We are finally pretty much unpacked.  We have a few boxes of pictures around and some boxes in the garage to organize, but overall, it’s done.  The last rooms to get finished were each of our offices.  I work from home about once every couple of weeks, so it is nice to have my own, dedicated space.  I also am happy to have my own space to decorate HOWEVER I want without having to take into account the male opinion in the house.  Here is a look at the unpacked, un-decorated office:

My home office!

My home office!

I’ve been working on a gallery wall for behind my desk that includes a custom-made pin board.  I also bought a chandelier that is getting a makeover, and I plan to spray paint the shelves you see there rose gold.  My color pallet will be deep teal, mint, and rose gold, and I plan to make the room very feminine.  Stay tuned for more pictures as I start finishing it!

Brian and I have been cooking almost every night! I’m really happy about this, as this is something that we rarely did before we moved into our house.  We also sit down at the dining room table to eat! We have been making a lot of meals from Home Chef and have enjoyed trying new meals and spending time together.  Also, that means we’ve been eating really well, which is great!

Miso-Maple Glazed Salmon from Home Chef

Miso-Maple Glazed Salmon from Home Chef

Ok, now let’s talk running.

Running has not been great, which is probably another reason I’ve been avoiding writing about it.

The past three weeks have been challenging.  It started with tightness in my left leg around my IT band, and grew to tightness in what felt like every part of my left leg (IT band, calf, knee, glute, quad…you name it).  I took it easy and got more diligent about my stretching, foam rolling, and even scheduled a sports massage.  I felt better, but still had a really tight calf and glute.  This all culminated with me having to cut a long run short a week ago because my calf was so tight I was over-compensating and tweaked something in my opposite hip.  It was then I decided it was time to go to the doctor.

What I didn’t connect until that happened was the sciatic pain I was having while I was at work.  As soon as I made the connection combined with the tightness/achiness I was feeling I knew what I likely had: piriformis syndrome.  The doctor fit me in and quickly confirmed my suspicion and told me I had a “classic case”.

Last week was almost all cross training, and I made it to my PT as well.  He told my I should feel substantially better within the next two weeks (and that was almost a week ago).  My piriformis muscle was actually enlarged, a sign that I had been over using it for quite some time to grow it…very likely stemming back to the foot challenges I had before my marathon. The great news is that now I know what the issue is, I’ve been working towards fixing it and have been feeling better.  This past weekend, I decided to just cross train instead of long run….but I never made it to the gym because I was down with a flu-like virus.  My fever finally broke yesterday but my digestive system is still recovering.  Hey, at least I don’t have my first marathon in two weeks, right?!

Our new rowing machine has been getting a lot of use!

Our new rowing machine has been getting a lot of use!

This week is about continued recovery.  I’m taking another rest day today simply to let my body recover from the virus I had.  I have a 10k on Saturday that I’m hoping I’ll be able to run as a training run.  I originally really wanted to race this thing, but I’ll save that for another day.  I have PT two times this week (my therapist mentioned dry needling today…..ugh) and a sports massage as well.  I’ll have lots of cross training and short runs, as well as exercises from my PT.

I wish I could say that I don’t know why this happened, but I definitely do.  Moving completely threw a wrench in my routines and I haven’t been foam rolling and haven’t been diligent with my post-run stretching.  Combine that with lackluster strength training and skipping cross training and….well…I know how my body reacts to it.  I’m just grateful that my “wake up call” wasn’t something more serious.  It’s just been a literal pain in my ass.

What does this mean for Savannah? I don’t know, and I’m trying not to think about it, but instead focusing on each day.  I have been able to hit good paces during my speed and tempo sessions even with the tightness/issues, so I’m hoping that will translate.  Right now my focus is getting back to a place where I feel strong.

Carrie and I after hitting a 7 mile tempo run!

Carrie and I after hitting a 7 mile pace run!

One thing I’ve decided: after Savannah, I am going to go see a biomechanic expert here in Atlanta.  I continue to have issues on the left side of my body and I want to figure out what the issue is.  My focus over the spring and summer will be getting strong and healthy for marathon training, which will start in July I believe.  I also just picked up and have been breaking in my new custom insoles over the past week, and they feel amazing! Each night, I’ve been foam rolling for 15 minutes and have been getting out of bed earlier to allow time for my post-run stretching.  I’m determined to get back on track.  I will keep on blogging because it really holds me accountable, and I plan to record my foam rolling and other activities that help keep me injury-free on here, as well.

This week, I’m getting back on track!

Tell me – have you ever had Piriformis Syndrome? How has your running been going?

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  1. Dry needling is NOT bad at all. It’s actually pretty cool when they hit the right spot!

  2. Look at you all unpacked and organized!! I still have boxes and we moved in 5 years ago 😀
    I’ve heard great things about dry needling too. Lots of people I know go to physioedge near kennestone.

    • Thanks!!! We still have so much to do around the house but having boxes out of the way is a great first step!

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