Announcing 50/50 March Madness Supporting Cancer Research!

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Hi all! It’s that time of year…time for March Madness!

This year, I’m hosting a bracket pool where 50% of the buy-in will go towards fundraising.  I hope you will join, and also invite your friends!!

Here is how this will work:
50% of the pool will go toward fundraising, which supports cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. That way, when your bracket is totally busted after the first round, at least you can rest easy knowing half of your money went to a good cause!

The remaining 50% will be paid out in the following fashion:
1st place – 65%
2nd place – 25%
3rd place – 10%

The more people we have join the group – the higher the prize! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS – THIS IS A PUBLIC POOL!

Join @jessrunsatl for a March Madness bracket that supports cancer research! Click To Tweet

BUY IN IS $10 – Payment MUST be received before the round of 32 begins!

Paypal: – send as friends and family to avoid fees. Any fees I have to pay will come out of the pool!
Venmo: @Jessica-Nelson-13

Link to the pool:

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  1. This is such a creative Fundraiser! I don’t really follow college basketball but I know March Madness is super popular!

    • Thanks Kim!!! Feel free to share if you’d like 😉 And….if you played in a pool, you may just follow it a little more!!

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