Anything is Possible

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I knew that training for a marathon would help me grow as a runner and as a person.  I wasn’t prepared for the new perspective on life I would have coming out on the other side of 26.2.

I’ve only been running for 20 months.  That’s it.  And when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon, I thought “maybe one day I will run a marathon.  That’d be really cool”.

This marathon used to be something that seemed really far out of reach.  Something that I said it would be nice to do, but at the time, I wasn’t really serious about doing it.  I couldn’t really imagine myself ACTUALLY running 26.2 miles.  It just seemed like a nice thing to dream about. 

During the peak week of my training, after I finished my 20 miler, I had an epiphany. Somehow, somewhere, I moved from “that’d be really cool” to “that’d be really cool, and I want to try” to “I’m going to run a marathon”. When I first had that dream, I wasn’t a runner who was capable of running a marathon.  But with the right work, dedication, training plan, and support system, I grew into the runner that COULD.  And if I can do that with running, I can do that with ANYTHING.

There have been a lot of things I’ve said I’d like to do “someday”.  Not running related things, life things.   They’ve always seemed very far off.  But now….they’re attainable.  All these dreams I have are within my reach. It’s time to make them happen.

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