Birthday Week Recap

Hi all! I’m so sorry this post is late, I had a busy and somewhat rough weekend because I wasn’t feeling well (see more details below).  How has your week been? Don’t forget to link up with Jessie and I!


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles at 11:10 pace

Wednesday – 3 birthday miles at 10:04 pace.

Thursday – Squats for a cause! 720  bodyweight squats total (see fundraising recap below)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Rest

We checked out the new Braves stadium Wednesday evening to celebrate my birthday.  The stadium is about 15 minutes from our house, so I was so excited to see the complex. It exceeded my expectations! We started with my favorite local pizza place, Antico Pizza.  We usually go to their midtown location, so I’m excited to have another location so close to our house.  We then walked around the complex (it’s called “The Battery”) and checked out all the bars and restaurants.  There were so many places to grab a beer and hang out, we really enjoyed ourselves! The park itself is beautiful, and even though the Braves didn’t win, we still had a great time.  We will definitely be spending a lot of summer nights up there.  What’s cool is that the Battery is open even when the Braves aren’t playing, so now we have some new places to hang out! PS – big thanks to Christina for my new shirt from Sarah Marie Design Studio.

Me and my favorite pizza ever...

Me and my favorite pizza ever…

New Braves Stadium - Suntrust Park

New Braves Stadium – Suntrust Park

Hanging out at the Battery

Hanging out at the Battery

Another view of the Battery

Another view of the Battery

Beautiful stadium, and great view from our seats!

Beautiful stadium, and great view from our seats!

Pretty sure this wall was made with Instagram in mind....

Pretty sure this wall was made with Instagram in mind….

Saturday, Brian and I went to a day wedding, which was beautiful! I was grateful for a local wedding, too.  I got a ton of compliments on this dress.  Ladies…I totally got it at Ross for $13.99! I don’t think I’ll ever spend $100 on a dress again.  Also, the shoes were SUPER comfy, they are these shoes from Aerosoles.  I am a huge fan of Aerosoles as they have come out with some very cute options that are easy on my runner’s feet.


The other thing I should address is all the rest days.  They were definitely not planned.  I will talk about this more at length in a separate post when I have the time and am ready, but I recently got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and the early stages of PCOS.  I started a new medication (read: hormonal birth control) on Friday and it is taking my body some time to adjust to it.  I haven’t been on hormonal BC in over a decade because of the side effects, so this wasn’t a surprise…but it still wasn’t pleasant. I spent most of the weekend nauseous with headaches on and off, with Sunday being the worst day.  I couldn’t eat much, let alone train.  I’m feeling a lot better tonight, so I’m hoping the worst is behind me.  I’ll be honest in that I’m concerned in how this will impact my overall training, but I’m hoping that once I get everything balanced out that it will actually help.  More to come.

Truthfully, the next few weeks are going to be challenging when it comes to training due to travel and company in town.  I’m going to do the best I can, but not beat myself up too bad as long as I can get in 4-5 days of workouts per week.  I am going to continue to focus on getting in strength each week and eating healthy to make sure I feel my best.

Birthday week in review: 720 squats for @fredsteam fundraising! #runchat Click To Tweet


Woohoo, another solid week in fundraising! If you remember, I am on a mission to raise at least $10,000 for Fred’s Team to run the NYC Marathon. I raised an additional $835 towards my goal with Fred’s Team.  I did this all through one virtual event that I named “Squats for a Cause”.  I committed on Facebook and all social media outlets to do 1 bodyweight squat for every $1 donated on my birthday.  As a result, I did 720 squats on Thursday! You can see the videos below.


To be honest, I had a lot of fun doing the squats.  It was definitely tough, but I was able to do them all which showed me how strong I’ve gotten.  I was sore through Saturday for sure, but was so grateful for every single donation.  Thank you to all of you for donating!  This week’s activities brought my total raised to $6,155! I only have about $1350 left to go to hit my next major milestone of $7500.  I’m hoping to hit that by mid-May at the latest, but if I can find time to get some emails out this week I may be able to hit that sooner.

How was your week? Don’t forget to link up below!

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  1. Great week of training! I still cannot believe that you were able to do that many squats, but I love that you got so many donations!

  2. I hate that you weren’t feeling well over the weekend. I’m sure it will be okay once your body adjusts. There’s no need to stress about it 🙂 I can’t believe you did all those squats! I would be sore for dayssss.

  3. The dress is really pretty. I love Ross for the cute but not expensive dresses! Areosoles are about the only thing I wear when I have to put on non-running shoes. They are so forgiving and come in my size!!

  4. Jess- love your dress 🙂
    That pizza looks delicious.
    I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling great, but hopefully your body quickly adjusts to the changes and you feel better soon. Thinking of you!

  5. Happy belated birthday. I have some feelings about the new braves stadium…I went to college in Atlanta (Agnes Scott) and not having the ability to take MARTA to the games would’ve sucked!

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