Five Things I Love About Home Chef

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A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I tried a cooking box called Home Chef. Well, we’ve been using it for the past two months and we plan to continue it for some time!

Home Chef is similar to other “cooking in a box” services…each week, you select the meals you want to make, and they deliver all the ingredients pre-portioned to your doorstep with detailed recipe cards.  Here are five things I love about this service!

Home Chef meal delivery review

1. The menu fits my tastes & lifestyle. This is a big one. I tried a few other services, but the ingredients and recipes were a bit too complex for me. For weeknight meals, I want something simple but tasty. The Home Chef options fit this. I’ve found most consist of a protein with some sort of sauce or seasoning, and one or two sides.  Simple, but delicious. Additionally, they offer a variety of low calorie and low carb options, so they are healthy, too! Most recipes are done from start to finish in 35 minutes.

Herb de Provence Pork and Roasted Veggies: Home Chef meal delivery review

Herb de Provence Pork and Roasted Veggies

2. The recipes come with pictured instructions & are easy to make. This is actually what initially drew me to this company. Their Facebook ad targeted the “novice chef”, and I’d put myself loosely in this category. The front of the cards have information about the dish, including background, nutritional info, and cooking time. The back has illustrated, detailed, step by step instructions. I’ve been know to Google things like “how do you roast vegetables”, yet I am still able to successfully prepare the meals.  Making these meals has given me confidence in the kitchen!!

Home Chef meal delivery review

Home Chef meal delivery review

3. The portion sizes are appropriate. Each portion is just enough for one person, and I am not left wanting more or with leftovers. This is also a big difference from going out to eat – the portion sizes are rarely correct, and you’re left either stuffed or guilty you didn’t finish your plate.  With these meals, I clean my plate and am left feeling satisfied!  This makes cleanup a breeze and keeps my eating on track.

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I can cook! Home Chef meal delivery review

I can cook!

4. I’m discovering new twists on the basics. Before this service, I often had the same thing over and over. Now, we have many different ways to prepare the same proteins and veggies. One of the favorite recipes we’ve received is a Roasted Red Pepper Sirloin. We’ve seriously made this recipe 4 or 5 times on our own…it’s so good! (And each time, I eat it right away so have yet to get a picture of it) We are building a nice little recipe book with lots of options.

Home Chef meal delivery review: Ginger Marinated Pork Chop with Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts

Ginger Marinated Pork Chop with Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts


5. It’s a nice compromise to not going out to eat. With buying a house, we cut back going out to eat so much. This has been a fun way to still treat ourselves without going overboard. The prices are more than what you may pay in the store, but still reasonable – $9.95 per person, per plate. This means that for $60, we have dinner for three nights. Also, we are now spending a lot of time cooking together which is a nice new routine!

Thai Fish Cakes with Slaw: Home Chef meal delivery review

Thai Fish Cakes with Slaw

I have to admit, it is also nice to put less thought into my weekly meal planning and grocery store trips!

So, have I convinced you to try Home Chef? If you use this link, you will get $30 off your first week! As a bonus, I’ll get a $30 credit. We both win!

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Do you use a meal delivery service? If so, which one??

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