Five Things I Love

Hello and happy Friday! This week and for most weeks coming, I’m joining the Friday Five Link Up hosted by DC area bloggers Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!.  I love this link-up because I’m always looking for new ideas of posts to write about, it kind of reminds me of the writing prompts back in middle/high school. This week’s theme is “Five Things I Love”.  I’m going to make this non-running related.  Also, “friends and family” is not this list because I hope that goes without saying! Here are 5 OTHER things I love.

  1. Skipper. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see pictures of our dog Skipper doing nothing but looking cute.  It’s pretty easy for him – he’s a lab/golden retriever mix and only about 45lbs full grown.  Brian and I rescued Skipper in 2011 and he brings so much joy (and entertainment) to our lives.  I really love little Skipper so much.

    Skipper...aka the cutest dog ever!

    Skipper…aka the cutest dog ever!

  2. My Bed.  This may seem like a weird one, but hear me out.  A few years ago we splurged on a really nice memory foam mattress…literally the most expensive one in the store.  Lesson learned – don’t lay on a bed before you look at the price tag.  Anyways, it’s amazing…it’s like being hugged by clouds.  And it has dual climate control, so in the winter I can heat up my side of the bed and Brian can keep his cool because he’s a weirdo.  I’m already looking forward to crawling into it after my run tomorrow.
  3. Reading.  I go through phases of reading, but have been reading  a lot more recently since I take public transit to work.  When I was younger I used to be such a bookworm, and got away from it while in school.  I like browsing Goodreads for new books and consistently have a list longer than the time I have to read.  My friend Jessica started a blog recently where she does book & wine reviews, and her and I have very similar tastes in books, so I also get ideas from her!
  4. Coffee.  I just love the smell and taste of coffee.  I start every day with one cup and really enjoy drinking it after a big meal or on a lazy Sunday morning.

    Coffee in my Run 13.1 mug Christina made me

    Coffee in my Run 13.1 mug Christina made me

  5. Creative things.  Something I haven’t done a lot of recently, but I love crafty type projects.  Painting, crochet, sewing, and other DIY projects are a lot of fun for me and I like having that creative outlet.
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I plan to enjoy most of these things this weekend – I won’t be doing any DIY projects because I’ll be too lazy after my long run this weekend.

Tell me – do you have a dog you love? Best book you’ve read in the past 3 months?  Anyone else spend a ridiculous amount of money on your bed?

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  1. I am dog obsessed too! My pit bull is my child and I adore her. I finished Wild a couple months ago. I can’t say I’ve picked up a boom lately though.

    • I’ve heard such good things about “Wild”, I may need to grab it! I plan to do a lot of reading after marathon training is over!

  2. Your dog is adorable. We have yellow labs too. Aren’t they just the best? I love coffee too. My morning always go so much better after having some before I start my day.

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