Friday Favorites

There are a lot of things I’m loving right now….but here are my favorites!

1. S’well Bottle.  I’ve had a S’well bottle for the past three years andIMG_20150423_194839756_HDR I’m so obsessed with it.  I’ve given a ton of these as gifts because I love them so much.  Not only is the design super sleek, but the big selling feature is that the bottle maintains the temperature of the drink for long periods of time.  Cold beverages for 24 hours, hot for 12.  I thought that surely this must be a gimmick I swear to y’all it’s the truth!! I can put ice water in this bottle and leave it in my car in the middle of Georgia summer all day, and come out and the ICE WILL STILL BE IN THE BOTTLE.  I despise room temperature water so this bottle has single-handedly solved my hydration issues.  Oh, and since it is double walled, it doesn’t sweat! I know I sound like a commercial for this thing but I really love it.  And I promise you, S’well doesn’t even know I’m writing this raving review.  Go buy one!! They’re also great to take travelling!

2. Yoga for Runners.  I started taking this class at Infinity Yoga about a month ago. I’ve only gone once a week for the past month, and already have noticed a difference in how my legs feel. The class focuses on areas that are typically tight for runners (like hips and hamstrings) and we even use foam rollers! Infinity Yoga has a great new student special – $30 for a month of UNLIMITED classes.  My month is almost up, so I’m going to try a restorative yoga class tonight.  I plan on buying a package!  They are opening a new location in Dunwoody the weekend of May 16th, and all the classes will be free that weekend if you want to check it out!

PhotoGrid_14298319038233. This mug from my sister.  My sister is super talented at all things drawing and she sells custom coffee mugs on her Etsy shop.  For my birthday, I requested one to commemorate my marathon through DC.  I told her the style of design I wanted and she came up with the rest.  I love this mug for so many reasons – the skyline is beautiful, the music notes remind me of all the bands we saw, and the footprints remind me that we raced all through DC! And of course….we raced on Pi day.  This mug will totally be in rotation for my post-long run coffee mug now. (I have a big one Chrissy made me that celebrates all my half marathons that I also use for the same purpose!).

That’s what I’m loving this week….what are some of your favorite things right now? What’s your favorite water bottle, and do you take a yoga class you like?

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  1. That mug is awesome! Such a great gift idea for friends – I will definitely have to keep that in mind.

    I usually don’t like stainless steel water bottles but they’re lighter than glass and safer than plastic…plus I always have issues with my water getting warm. I just saw the S’well bottles in a museum gift shop (of all places)!

    Yay for restorative yoga. There’s a great restorative/yin class at my gym on Sunday afternoons that I hope to attend regularly – perfect after a weekend of running!

    • Hey Jess! Yes, I can’t “taste” the stainless steel. I really love how it keeps my water cold. You should get one and test it out! They sell them a lot of places now, including Nordstrom. Let me know how you like that yoga class!

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