Friday Favorites

Hello! It’s Friday and it’s still HOT here in ATL, if you were wondering.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done some Friday Favorites…so here we go!

1. Online consignment shopping.  Specifically, ThredUp and Twice.  I recently did a MAJOR clean out of my closet (I still need to do my dresser!) and got rid of a TON of stuff.  I asked myself three questions with each item:

Does it fit? Do I wear it? Does it bring me joy?

 That last question was a new addition after a conversation with a coworker.  So often we tend to hold on to things we rarely wear because we wear it occasionally and spent money on it, so we feel bad about getting rid of it.  Y’all, I got rid of 4 garbage bags for donation and 2 for consignment! I was amazed at how much I got rid of when I was honest with myself if I really, truly, loved a piece.

Anyways, back to the online consignment websites.  You can order a “closet cleanout bag” and send items you want to get rid of to them, and then get money based on what they accept.  Also, they have really high quality standards, so shopping on the website is great! I actually had to get rid of a beautiful bright sky blue pencil skirt that I loved, but it was too small (damn squats)…and found the exact same one on ThredUp in the size I needed for only $11.  I’m currently working on slowly replacing some of the things that no longer fit me with items from these consignment shops.  Check it out!!

2. Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups.  With Brian being away this summer I’m having to learn how to cook for one, which has been challenging since I haven’t been home many weekends to prep a bunch of food ahead of time.  I grabbed these at the grocery store and I love how easy these are.  You literally just vent the film and microwave for a minute…and the rice is REALLY good! It’s not the most economical and I’m sure it’s very processed, but it’s better than ordering Papa John’s throughout the week.  Not that I’ve done that…

3. Planning Vacations.  I have three fun weekends planned in July: Christina is coming for the 4th of July, I’m going to visit Brian in Boston the next weekend, and then it’s RACE WEEKEND IN CHICAGO! As if that wasn’t enough, Christina and I are taking our men to Charleston, SC in August – none of us have ever been! It’s so fun planning weekends away in a new city.

So…I’m supposed to post a picture in each post but I don’t have one to represent any of these things, so here is a picture of Skipper looking very cute and tired from doggy daycare:


Have you ever used online consignment? Do you have any fun vacations planned? What should we add on our MUST DO list in Charleston?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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