Friday Favorites

Hello! I am currently riding shotgun on the way to Hilton Head Island SC for my birthday weekend! I’d like to start sharing things I’m loving each week on Fridays. So without further ado….

1. Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I’ve actually been obsessed with this since my nutritionist suggested it a few months back. This week I’m extra obsessed because I saw a suggestion in Runners World for a late night snack if you have a run the next morning: toast with almond butter and strawberries. O.M.G.  Soooooo good!!!


2.Nike Breeze Tanks. I got a few of these last summer, and now that it’s getting warm in Atlanta again I plan on getting a few more. Last year’s version was racerback, but I’m loving this year’s strappy veraion. They are so lightweight and breathable it is kind of like wearing nothing.


3. Rent the Runway. I’ve used this service for a couple of years now. Since I’m a VIP member I got a free dress for my birthday! I’ll be wearing this lovely Lily Pulitzer number.  It is especially fitting because the Lily Pulitzer for Target launches on my birthday!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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