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This week, I am visiting a small town in Arkansas and have had some great runs. I was reflecting on the runs I’ve had in new cities, and there are so many great ones! The best way to see a city is to see it on foot.  Here are my five favorite runs I’ve had in new places (in no particular order).

1. Playa del Carmen, Mexico – this was my first run on the beach! It was hot and sweaty yet still wonderful. I found a huge conch shell on the run that I’ve kept as a souvenir!

Favorite rave runs: Mexico

Favorite rave runs: Mexico

2. Lanzarote, Spain (Canary Islands) – another run along the water, but this time on a paved path.  The Canary Islands were formed from volcanic rock, and that rock makes for breathtaking views!!

Rave Runs

Rave Runs: Lanzarote Canary Islands

3. Maasticht, Netherlands – I went here for my international trip for my MBA. While the rest of the town slept, I slipped out for 5 sunrise miles. Running along the cobblestone roads in this quaint town was so different than anywhere else I had run. There was also a beautiful river that looked amazing at sunrise.

Rave Runs: Maastricht, The Netherlands

Rave Runs: Maastricht, The Netherlands

4. Boston, MA – I was fortunate enough to visit in the summer, and it was magical. I ran along the Charles River and really enjoyed the views.  I also ran a five mile race here, and running down Boylston street gave me all the feels. It will be quite some time before I’m in a position to qualify, but one day I’d really love to run the Boston marathon.

Rave Runs: Boston

5. Washington, DC – I ran my second half marathon and first marathon in DC. Coming from a military family, I just love the patriotic feeling I got running through the monuments. Admittedly the half marathon was way more enjoyable as it was less miles, but also perfect weather. The Marine Corps Marathon is definitely on my bucket list!

Rave Runs: Washington DC

I am so fortunate to have traveled to these amazing places and to have been able to run there. I’m looking forward to exploring more places on foot during future vacations.

Tell me: where have you had an amazing run while travelling?

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  1. I love seeing Boston on this list! The Charles River Esplanade is my favorite place to run, anywhere. I am too nervous to run on cobblestone; I’m so clumsy I’d probably turn an ankle.

    • Yes, running on that path in Boston was kind of magical! I was pretty nervous running on the cobblestone too but it was a good workout haha

  2. What beautiful places to run!! Your photos are gorgeous! I love to run on vacation since I think you can see a bit more than you normally would doing touristy things. My Mom and I ran in Killarney National Park when we were in Ireland last summer. We stumbled upon an Abbey that we had planned to see the previous day but time got away from us. We walked around and enjoyed seeing it but it was pretty early and a bit spooky to be there alone so we didn’t linger. It was nice to see the park and Abbey before the tourists descended for the day!

    • That sounds amazing! I’ve heard Ireland is beautiful. There really is something special about seeing the sights so early in the morning. By the way, congrats on a great race last weekend!

    • I definitely enjoyed Boston because of the time of year. Don’t think I’d feel the same way in the winter haha!

  3. I use to travel A LOT before I got seriously into running. I wish I would have thought to run at those places!

    One of my favorite most scenic runs took place a few years ago when we did an early morning run along Niagara Falls!

    • Wow that had to be beautiful!!!! Another run that probably was even better because it was before tourists arrived!

  4. Wow you’ve run in some really amazing places. The Netherlands looks so quaint, cute, and pretty. I could live in a town like that. My favorite place that I’ve run was probably the hills in Salzburg, Austria. 🙂

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