Friday Five: Favorite Songs for Running

This week, I’m linking up with Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What? for their Friday Five Linkup!  This week’s topics is “favorites”, so I thought I’d share 5 songs that are my favorite for running – they make it onto every playlist I create!  There is just something about these songs…either the lyrics or the beat that give me an instant pick-me-up as soon as they come on.

5 songs to add to your running playlist

  1. Hello Good Morning by Diddy. I originally saw this song on a commercial – something with football – perhaps the NFL or Under Armor.  At any rate, as a morning runner, this one is on constant rotation.
  2. Remember The Name by Fort Minor. This song is actually about a musician/songwriter, but the chorus can apply to any activity that requires hard work to reach a goal (like running!).  The beat of this song gets me going, as well.
  3. Death Valley by Fall Out Boy. Here’s a secret: I actually have several entire Fall Out Boy albums on my playlists (the newer ones).  There is just something about the rhythm of their songs that is perfect for my running.
  4. Winner by Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, T.I.  Who doesn’t love a little JT singing about being a winner?!
  5. Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz.  I can’t explain why I like this song, but something about the beat I just love.  Whatever happened to Lenny Kravitz anyways, besides acting in The Hunger Games?

What is the one song that always makes it onto your running playlist?!

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  1. Those are great songs (few people know about Fort Minor, but they are a great Linkin’ Park spin-off)! The two I would add are “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and “Stronger” by Kanye West. Great tempo beats in each song, and, ultimately, they’re both about perseverance.

  2. I’m totally dating myself here…but I love AC/DC anything…but my favorite song of theirs is “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.” There’s no way I can run slow to that 😉

  3. I used to love that Fort Minor song. But the one perpetual favorite on my playlist is Tom Petty’s Running Down a Dream.

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