Fundraising for charity made my first DNF a memorable experience

Hi all!! This post is going to be strange, because it was a strange week.

Monday morning, I started getting a tickle in my my throat which turned sore by the evening.  Tuesday, I woke up with a full blown sickness and and was knocked on my ass all week.  It felt like just a really severe headcold, but it came with a fever and everything.  I did not do one workout this week!  Just about the only thing that cleared me up was Sudafed, so I was taking it on and off Wednesday and Thursday.  I purposely didn’t take it Friday, but then woke up Saturday so miserable I took some more Saturday.  If you google “Running while on Sudafed” you can guess what happened at my race Sunday.

I had basically no expectations going into the Hotlanta Half, and even considered not running it at all Sunday.  My friend Amanda was running as well, and had been under the weather, so we decided to run it together and take it easy.  I figured there would be some walking perhaps, but that was okay.  I was viewing this race purely as a training run.

Amanda and I before the race!

I felt okay during this race, except for one thing: my heart rate.  I was hot, but that definitely wasn’t the issue.  My legs felt fresh, I had energy, and I was running at a conversation pace (Amanda and I were talking a lot catching up).  It felt nothing like the race last year when I went out too fast and got overheated.  As I would crest the hills, I started getting dizzy.  Really dizzy.  And I had to stop and walk to get my HR down.  My heartrate was in the 180s, pushing close to 190 on the hills.  I could not get over how dizzy I was, it was really scary.

Amanda and I took a lot of walk breaks through the first few miles.  Around mile five, We were running and turning a corner, and Amanda foot slipped into a pothole.  She tweaked her hip flexor and about a mile later, she told me it was still bothering her and she was worried about it.  After a couple more miles of run/walking, it got so bad for both of us that we were basically only walking, even on the flat/downhill parts.  I was still dizzy and now nauseous, and her hip was tightening up with every step.  Since this was a training run for both of us, we talked about our options and ultimately decided it was silly to try to finish.  We walked off the course at mile 8.5, called an uber, and called it a day.  It was 100% the right decision, and the first DNF for either of us.

Waiting for our Uber

Truthfully, I think both of us having issues and having each other forced us to be honest with ourselves and smart about what was happening.  I feel like I should be more upset about it, but I’m not.  I have a little bit of disappointment, but more because I was thinking about all the people I have been running for battling cancer, and what I was going through pales in comparison.  But the truth is, if I had been running my regular route by my house, I would have called Brian to come pick me up.  It was the right decision.  I believe that I still had some of the Sudafed in my system, combined with still not being 100% and likely dehydrated caused these issues.  I don’t know that I should have even been running.

One really amazing thing that happened during the race was that many people commented on my Fred’s Team singlet and thanked me for running for cancer research.  It was the first major race that I’ve worn it, and it was so motivating. In the 4th mile, a woman passed me and thanked me, and then told me that it meant a lot to her.  She said her father had just passed away the Sunday before from Leukemia.  She went on ahead of us and I got so choked up.  I can’t stop thinking about her, and how strong she looked.  It was really motivating and humbling.  My DNF doesn’t matter: what matters is what I’ve been able to achieve with my fundraising.

On that note, I was also humbled Sunday evening when I received a very large donation of $513.  It took me a minute to figure out why that odd number.  That amount was the exact amount I needed to get me to an even $7500 raised.  Yes, that’s right! I have hit my next milestone and am officially 75% to my goal of $10,000!!! And, this amount is especially significant because it is my minimum commitment with Fred’s Team.

$7500 raised!

This journey has been eye opening in so many ways.  I have been amazed by the generosity shown and the support I’ve received.  A few people have told me how impressed they’ve been by what I’ve been able to achieve so far in my fundraising.  The truth is, ANYONE could do this, and that is what I wanted to prove when I set out to do this.  I’ve learned that the loftier your goal, the more effort you end up putting in due to fear of failure.  And what you get back in return is correlated to the size of the prize and the effort you’ve been putting in.  I’ve received 2 donations of $500, and countless donations of $100 or more.  I do not believe that I would have received these if I had set a smaller goal.  Just like running a marathon, it’s all about the right plan, dedication, support, and commitment to chipping away at it a little at a time.  I am so excited to see how much more I can raise between now and November 5th!  If you would like to make a donation, you can click here to do so.  Every single dollar counts!

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I will be sharing a few guest posts over the next couple of weeks as I take a break from blogging and hard training.  I’ll be travelling out of the country, so you won’t see my weekly recaps, but you can still link up with Jessie while I’m out.  I’ll be back with a recap of my trip on July 2nd, and I will start officially training for the NYC Marathon July 3!

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  1. I’m sorry that the race didn’t go as expected, but I totally think you made the right decision. No need to press on and cause further injury, or make yourself more sick. Congrats on hitting a major fundraising goal and I hope that you have an awesome vacation!

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