Fundraising Recap: April, May, June

If you remember, I am dedicating 2017 to raising money for Fred’s Team to run the NYC Marathon!  I’d like to check in each month to let you know what I’ve been doing for fundraising and how it’s going.  Check out my other recaps:

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I intended to do these recaps monthly, but May and June were JAM PACKED, so this month you all get a “quarterly” report.  Here is how each month broke down:

April – $2,136 – I had a huge push in April because I knew that May and June were going to be scarce on time to dedicate to fundraising.  My two big pushes were asking for donations as part of my half marathon in honor of Lou, and asking for donations for my birthday.

May -$257 – I didn’t dedicate any time to fundraising in May.  These donations were simply residual donations from emails I had sent earlier in the year.

June – $1,354 – I’m very proud of this considering I was out of the country for the last two weeks of the month! I sent a ton of emails out the first two weeks in June, and then let them and my guest posts work for me while I was on vacation.

Total Raised in April, May, and June: $3,747

Total Raised to date: $7,766

Raising money for @fredsteam to run the NYC Marathon - @jessrunsatl is on a roll! Click to read her latest recap: Click To Tweet

I am currently about $1700 ahead of where I wanted to be at this point, so I’m feeling very good about hitting my goal of $10,000 before November, and I have hopes to exceed it.  Here is how the donations broke down by type of activity:

Individual Donations – $2,223

I’ve been sending emails every week, with the exception of May.  I received 40 donations with an average donation of $55.  This includes one very generous donation of $513!

Going forward, I plan to continue the individual emails.  I am currently on people with last names beginning with “M” in my contact list…so I still have a lot of emails I can send!

Events – $1245

50/50 Bracket Winnings: $210 – In March I did the 50/50 bracket, and the two winners of the bracket chose to donate their earnings to my fundraising!

Puppy Photo Session: $200 – I partnered with my photographer friend to host mini-photo sessions that were dog friendly.  We had a lot of people interested but had conflicts on the day we chose, so this was not as lucrative as we hoped it would be.  However, it was a fun day and an easy way to add some $$ to my fundraising.

Birthday Squats for a Cause: $835 – this event was way more successful than I anticipated and I will write a separate post with tips on how to make this work for you.  On my birthday alone, I raised $720, which was the highest fundraising day I’ve had to date!

Sale of Goods/Services – $280

Social Media Help – $250 – I continued helping a contact with social media posts and Facebook ads in exchange for her donation.

Running for a Cure Tanks – $30 – We launched the “Running for a Cure” tanks and sold a couple.  We have a few more in the pipeline, but this is the total from what we sold and shipped early on.  Click here for more details and to order one!

Custom running for a cure cancer tank

Looking Forward – Goals for July & August

In July, my main focus is going to be on individual donations and getting ready for my BIG event in August. In July, I’d like to raise $1,234 as that would bring me to an even $9,000.  In order to hit this, I’ll need to get around 30 donations, so my goal is to send 200 emails total – 50 emails per week.

In August, I’ll be partnering with my hair stylist to do a big event.  We will be doing “8 inches or $8” for the entire month.  The goal will be to get as many hair donations as possible to go towards wigs for cancer patients (the minimum donation is 8 inches).  In addition, we will be selling raffle tickets for baskets we are building for $8 each.  We will kick off the month with my hair dresser cutting off her hair to donate it…and finish the month with my hair donation! I have been growing my hair out specifically for this and to say I am ready to cut it would be an understatement.  In July I’ll be doing a lot of work to build the baskets and get everything ready for this.  More to come!

How is your fundraising going? Where do you struggle with your fundraising, how can I help support you? Leave your comments below!

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