Garmin VivoFit 2 Review

I’ve had this activity tracker for a couple of weeks now and I’m really liking it.  I’ve been really surprised by how little I walk during the day! Here’s my take on the tracker.  Please note that Garmin in no way sponsored this post – I received the VivoFit 2 for my birthday as a gift from my boyfriend!



  • The slim design and digital display. I have small wrists so I was actually afraid it would be too big, but the small wristband fits.  I like that there is a display that I can set to whatever screen I want: steps taken, steps remaining (to make goal), miles walked, calories burned, time, and date.  I often rotate between screens throughout the day depending on what I’m doing!
  • Activity Reminder. When you’ve been inactive for a period of time the VivoFit chirps at you! And in order to reset it, you have to walk a certain amount (it seems to be about 400 steps or so).  If you continue to be inactive, it will chirp again 30 minutes later…but that’s it…it won’t keep going off.  I really like the reminder to get up and get moving throughout the day!
  • sleep timeThe Garmin Connect platform. I like how my data is connected with my running data and also, I can see my sleep activity all in Garmin. I’m starting to notice trends in how I sleep affects my performance.  I’m excited to get more data here.
  • The accessory options. Though they aren’t in stock yet, the VivoFit 2 has a lot of pretty accessories available.  I’ve ordered some colored bands, but later in the summer they’re also coming out with some bands that look more like jewelry which I’m definitely excited to try out.
  • The battery doesn’t have to be charged… It will last a year!
  • Water resistant means I can wear it in the shower and pool!


  • The only way to track your heart rate is to wear a chest strap. This is probably my biggest dislike because I won’t wear a chest-strap during the day.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity. The VivoFit connects via Ant+ (like the Garmin watches).  Unfortunately, my phone is not Ant+ compatible so I have to sync on my computer, which means I don’t have data synced every day.

Overall, I’m loving the Vivofit 2 and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an activity tracker.  I’ll admit that I’m not really sure why I wanted one except that I suddenly felt like I “needed” one since everyone has them.  But, it’s been really helpful to make sure I’m walking around during the day and not un-doing all of my morning runs by sitting on my butt all day.  I’m hoping it will help keep my legs loose during training!

Are you on Garmin Connect with a VivoFit? If so, please friend me, my username is jessrunsatl!

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  1. My in laws got me the Fitbit Charge HR that I wanted for my birthday. I wanted it because of the built in heart rate monitor and I can verify it’s accuracy after a trip to the doctor this week. Thank to the HR I realized my testing heart rate had been above 100bpm for weeks (current diagnosis is vitamin D deficiency) glad it drew my attention to it! Also, it connects to my phone/the app via Bluetooth which is super easy! Downside is that the strap isn’t interchangeable like yours so ultimately less cute. They are all sold out right now but will have other colors available eventually though. I haven’t gotten to use it to track a workout yet as I’m keeping thing easy until my heart rate is under control but I love the step tracker esp. for at work!

    • Yes the Charge was the other tracker I was considering. I take my resting heart rate each morning and wear a monitor during running so ultimately decided I didn’t need it all the time. I’ve heard good things about the charge!

      I’m glad you are getting it checked out! Hope it all gets squared away soon!

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