Hotlanta Half Marathon Training Recap – 4 Weeks Left!

Woohoo! Another week down, another week closer to the Hotlanta Half Marathon and then….marathon training!

If you remember, I had a work trip this week.  I am pleased with what I was still able to accomplish. It was our national sales meeting, so there was a lot of time where I was “on” if you know what I mean.  Group breakfast started at 7:30ish each day, and every minute of the day was accounted for, even dinners.  I’m glad to have made it through the week!

Here is what my training looked like:

Monday: 3 miles @ 10:28 pace

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 10:30 pace – my coworker and I met early and ran to the White House and back.  It was a great run and exactly 4 miles!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2.5 miles @ 9:59 pace – a quick run by the hotel

Saturday: 6 miles @ 10:01 pace – did this one on a trail with my dad. The weather was great…around 50 and overcast. This was a great run catching up with my dad.

Sunday: 20 minutes light strength training on the back deck

Total Mileage for the week: 15.5

I wish I had gotten some more strength in, but am pleased that I did 4 runs plus some strength.  I’ve been feeling a LOT better so am grateful for that, too.

I also mentioned last week that I was going to try a gluten free week and see what happened.  I am pleased to report that it went better than I anticipated.  Here is a before and after photo – the left is Sunday morning of last week, the right is Friday morning.  6 days gluten free and my bloating almost completely disappeared.

6 days gluten free

In addition, I’ve had loads of energy and no heartburn or other digestive issues.  Usually these conferences leave me struggling to stay awake, so I was surprised at how alert I felt most of the week.  I was worried that it would be hard to stick to the diet at this function since everything pre-arranged for you, but they did a great job not only providing lots of gluten free (and dairy free, nut free, and vegetarian) options – but also labeling everything! I definitely ate a TON throughout the week.  I did have a bit of a struggle with desserts and alcohol though.  There were not really any dessert options that were gluten free (or healthy, for that matter) and most of the alcohol offerings were beer or wine.  But truthfully I don’t eat sweets or drink beer during a normal week, so it wasn’t a huge loss.  This weekend, I went out to eat with my family at Red Robin, and was able to sub out a gluten-free bun!  I am definitely going to continue on the gluten free diet and will likely make an appointment with an allergist to see if I have any other food sensitivities.  I just can’t believe the difference I have seen.  I would even say it’s been life changing!

Gluten free but still enjoying a burger

You may also have seen above that my paces dropped.  The weather was a little cool, but I’m hoping part of it is the gluten free too.  I’ve been feeling stronger this week, with each run better than the last.  We’ll see.

One other thing to point out is that my hormones seem to be finally leveling out, so that could also have an impact on all of this.  I just finished the third week of my new birth control meds, and the side effects have disappeared.  However, the third week of my cycle is always the WORST for me when it comes to energy levels, bloating, and running…so to feel this good is a great sign.  Fingers crossed that this won’t be a long road to figure out after all.

I’ve taken the past few weeks off of fundraising, but I’ll be doing some more stuff next week, so look forward to hearing updates again soon on that front!  In the meantime, please link up with Jessie and I!!

Question: What are your favorite gluten-free recipe sources??

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  1. You had an awesome week of training! It’s so hard to fit in all of your workouts, especially when traveling, and you did a great job!
    Glad to hear about you GF journey. I’m actually re-starting my gluten free journey this week. I was doing good with not eating any bread, etc, but there were other items I was eating that had gluten. Now I’m going to be way more diligent about reading labels, etc.

    • Yes, I have been very careful to not assume anything is gluten free and have been reading labels. Let me know how it goes!!!

  2. Great week Jess, so happy you are feeling so amazing 🙂 Your results are phenomenal so far. I hope you continue to feel better and better.

  3. Impressive to get in all of the training while traveling. Good luck on your GF journey. When I first started, I was very shocked at how many things are not GF. Also, the random foods with added gluten where it doesn’t seem necessary.
    To answer your question: I have a pintrest board for some of my favorite GF recipes. One site I seem to end up on is Feel free to ask me if you are looking for something specific. I love to cook so I’m always making stuff…

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