Hotlanta Half Training – 1 Week Left!

It’s now race week! Here’s how last week of training and fundraising went:


Monday – 1 mile warmup, Urban Tree Cidery 5k (27:04!). This was a great race, though incredibly hilly.  It was an out and back, and the back half really kicked my ass.  I was so excited with this time though, as it’s only 24 seconds off my current PR, which was set on a completely flat course last August.  I’m feeling good about my fitness going into marathon training.  And of course, I loved that the bottom half of the bib tore off to create a flight map for cider!

Tuesday – 4 miles @ 10:45 pace.  A solid recovery run.

Wednesday/Thursday – Rest.  I worked really long days and didn’t get my cross training in.

Friday – 3 miles @ 10:22 pace.  These easy 3 felt actually easy, which was nice after taking a couple of days off.  I feel that my body is finally adjusted to the humidity!

Over lunch on days when I work from home, Skipper usually enjoys some sunbathing time in the backyard.  Friday was no different.

Saturday – 10.5 miles @ 10:26 pace.  I did this run on a mostly hilly route, and felt pretty good while running it, though I was mentally ready to be done at the end.

Sunday – Rest.  Brian and I finalized our itinerary for our upcoming vacation to Europe! We are visiting Crete for a few days (he has a conference there), then heading to Florence and Barcelona for a few days.  We’ve never been, so I’m excited.  I booked a running tour in both cities, and we also booked cooking classes! Of course we will see a lot of more touristy things too.  If you have any restaurant recs in either of these cities, please let me know in the comments!

Total mileage – 21.5 miles


This past week, I raised an additional $725 towards my goal, making my total raised $6,987.20! I am close to my minimum commitment of $7500, which I would love to hit this month.

I must admit that when it comes to thinking about my fundraising, my heart is heavy this weekend.  I recently found out that a runner who is very active in the Atlanta running community, Jerome, has been diagnosed with cancer.  Jerome was actually the head “coach” when I trained with the Atlanta Track Club for my first half marathon and has been a big inspiration for me.  I ran into him last August when I ran a 5k (the same that holds my current PR).  Jerome is super fit and an incredible runner and motivator.  It’s a sad reminder that it doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are – cancer doesn’t discriminate.  Jerome typically runs Boston and NYC each year, so I will for sure be thinking about him during my training.

Jerome and I last August

In addition, I’ve mentioned very briefly before that two women who are on my team at work have been impacted by cancer.  One has been supporting her husband as he battles stage 4 cancer for the past year.  A few months ago, the scans looked great and promising – only a dime size amount left!  This past week, he took a turn for the worst and ended up having an emergency surgery, where they found that the cancer had spread again, and with a vengeance.  They found over 100 small tumors in his intestines.  Please please keep them in your prayers, this has not been easy on them or their children.

Next weekend, I’ll run my 13th half marathon, the Hotlanta Half Marathon.  I will be thinking of these two, as well as all the other stories I’ve heard, as I run it.  If you’ve been following along and intend to donate, would you consider making a donation today? You can click here to donate.

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  1. What a great week of training. I love that photo of Skipper – it makes me smile. You can tell he really enjoy being outdoors.

    Cancer is such an ugly disease. I’m be keeping Jerome and your co-worker in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. Skipper looks so happy! Maybe we should try to get him and Zoey together for some sun time. 🙂
    Thank you for everything you are doing to raise money for cancer research. I appreciate it and those who came before and will come after!

  3. That picture of Skipper is fantastic- what a happy boy 🙂

    Very sorry to hear about your coworker and Jerome.

    Good luck this weekend and stay cool!

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