Hotlanta Half Training – Week 1

Hi all!! I posted here about my next race plans, the Hotlanta Half! I’m using this race primarily as a base-building race.  This means that I’ll be a little less structured with my training, as long as I get up to around 25 miles per week and really work on building strength.  As a reminder, I am also on a mission to raise $10,000 for Fred’s Team to run the NYC Marathon.  Here’s how this past week looked:


This was really a bit of a recovery week on the running front after last weekend’s half marathon.

Monday: Complete rest.

Tuesday: 2 mile easy run @ 10:38 pace

Wednesday: 55 minute barre class. I took Angie with me as she was in town!


Thursday: Complete Rest

Friday: 3 mile easy run @ 10:29 pace

Saturday: 60 minute Orange Theory Fitness class

Sunday: Complete rest & yardwork

As you can see – I kept the running to a minimum this week but still managed to get in a total of 4 workouts.  The Orange Theory class was my first time trying it, and I both hated it and loved it! I hated it in the middle of the workout because it was HARD and my upper body definitely needs some work.  However, I really LOVED it overall because it was so hard, if that makes sense.  I felt super accomplished afterwards and I knew I had to start incorporating this into my training.  I will try to go once every 1-2 weeks until marathon training starts – but I’m not sure how often I’ll go once I really get into the grind of training.  They are opening a studio very close to my house next month, so I think it will be a fun way to mix up training.  As part of the class, we did rowing, strength work, and treadmill running.  I am proud to say that I was on the treadmill at the end of class (so, very tired at this point!) and hit an all out pace of 8 mph (7:30 pace) and held it for a minute.  I also held a plank for 2 minutes at the very end of class!!  I’m excited to see my baseline improve in that class.

Stats from my first class

Stats from my first class

Next week will start to look a little more “normal”.  I’m going to aim for 4 days of running and 2 days of other workouts – barre, orangetheory, strength, cross training, etc.

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One other exciting thing this weekend – Brian and I got some supplies to build some planter boxes and make a vegetable garden! Neither of us has done this before, so it will be a bit of adventure.  We will be building the boxes and filling them with the soil today.  More to come!

Stuff for our garden!

Stuff for our garden!


Besides launching the sale of tanks for a cure, I actually didn’t do anything with fundraising this week, but still collected $200 in donations (three donations total).  These were people who previously committed to donating who made their donation on their own this week.  I decided to take this week off of fundraising after the hard push the week of Savannah.  I also have a big pushed planned on my birthday, this coming Wednesday.  I will be posting and announcing what I’m doing here and on my Facebook page, so be sure you check back!

To date, I’ve raised $5,319.80!! You can click here to see my personal page and make a donation.

How was your training this week? Don’t forget to link up below, and wish Jessie over at the Right Fits a very good race tomorrow in Boston!!!

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  1. Congrats on completing your first OTF class! We have an OTF about 20 minutes from me but I have yet to try a class. I would like to try once this summer as everyone says how awesome it is!

  2. I have to look up that Orange Fitness Training! Sounds very interesting and this is the FIRST I have heard of it! Well done on getting back into things so quickly – an active recovery.

    • It’s very popular in my area. I’ll probably write a review after a couple of months to give more insight

  3. Orange Theory is a great workout! I haven’t done it in quite some time…I think pre-blog even.
    Good luck with the yard work and thank you for the well wishes 🙂

  4. I’m going to try Orange theory too. It looks like a great cross-training workout that will mix things up. Can’t wait to see what grows in the garden. 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you liked OTF! I haven’t tried it, but maybe I will give it a shot after this marathon is over.

    • Given your recent focus on cross and strength training, I think you will like it! And since you know your HR zones you can give those to them.

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