Hotlanta Half Training – Week 1

If you’ve been following along, you know that my goal race for the spring got completely derailed by yet another injury during my training. To say I am frustrated would be an understatement… I have been running for almost three years, and I have yet to have a training cycle that did not involve an injury that caused time off, or a flare up of ITB syndrome during the race. I know that I have a lot of running potential, but I’ll never meet it if I keep getting injured!

I’ve decided to focus the next couple of months on really getting myself to a place to have a successful training cycle and race this fall. I’ve signed up to run the Richmond Marathon again, and I’ll start training for it in July! I’m so excited to run Richmond again, and I know that if I can stay healthy and really work hard, I can have a big PR again.

I’m extremely goal oriented, so I’ve also signed up for a half marathon in June to keep me focused – the Hotlanta Half Marathon.


This race used to be in August, and they’ve moved it up to June this year, which isn’t as sweltering. The course runs through downtown Atlanta which is notorious for challenging hills. I’ve never run this race, but the challenge is perfect for where I am in my running right now. This means that my training will be focused on building strength and endurance, which is exactly what I need to get myself ready for marathon training. I’m not using this race as a goal race, but rather as a way to have focused base-building over the next few months. I want to still have a strong race though, and feel that I’ve made progress.

Here is some exciting news: I’m partnering with the Hotlanta Half as an official ambassador! You’ll see me posting about my training weekly here, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (In exchange for spreading the word, I’ve received a discounted entry, but all opinions are always my own.) Want to join me? Use code HHJESSICA5 for $5 off your registration on!

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I’m so excited to get back at it! Richmond is looming in the distance, and I’ve got my eye on that prize. Since I love reading about other people’s training, and writing these posts helps to hold me accountable, I’ll be sharing my training with you each week.


This past week was all about recovery from my half marathon last weekend.  I really wasn’t in “race shape” yet I still raced it….I was very sore on Sunday.  I decided to take it easy, which wasn’t hard since I was also travelling for work.  Here’s how the week went:

Monday: 30 minutes stationary bike.  I was still feeling a bit sore and stiff from the race, so I started the day with some cross training and deep stretching. I felt so much better afterwards!

Monday evening, I had my first appointment with a biomechanics expert. It was super fascinating and I can’t wait to share with you all what I learned! The good news (?) Is that I’m not totally crazy, there are some very obvious things that I need to correct that have likely been leading to my chronic injuries. Now, I can fix them! Wahoo!

Biomechanics Evaluation

Biomechanics Evaluation

Tuesday: 4 miles at 10:39 pace. I was up early to travel to Arkansas for work, so I got lots of airport steps. I got out of a customer meeting early, so decided to do a run because it was SUCH a nice day. It was a bit warm, about 73, but the humidity was in the 30s and there was a strong wind. My legs felt weird during this run, like they never got in a rhythm. Also, two of my toenails hurt pretty badly after this run, I’m pretty sure I have a couple of black toenails from the race. However, I was happy to get moving. I slept so good Tuesday night!

Quick run in Arkansas

Quick run in Arkansas

Wednesday: Rest day. A day full of meetings followed by dinner with a coworker.

Thursday: Rest day.  I took a 6am (!!!) flight back to Atlanta and had a full work day.  After work, I had my second visit with Kyle (biomechanics guy).  We did a lot of strength testing and big surprise, found that my left side is super weak.  He built me a plan to correct it and went over each of the exercises with me.  I’ll be writing up my whole experience to share with you all separately, but I’ll tell you now I think it was definitely worth my time and money.  I have exercises to focus on over the next 6 weeks before my follow up appointment.

Friday: 30 minutes/7.5 miles stationary bike, mobility/biomechanics/PT exercises.  I worked from home so was able to get this done on my lunch break which was awesome! I only did one set of the biomechanics exercises and felt some serious burning!  Also, I finally got around to taking off the nail polish on my sore toenails and yes…I have a couple of black ones.  Lovely.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 11:23 pace.  Carrie and I met up with our running group and hit the Silver Comet.  This will likely be one of the last weeks this training cycle we do our run exclusively on the trail – it’s flat but our next race is not!  The weather was wonderful and the run went great!


After the run, Brian and I did some cleaning and errands, and then Brian made us up some grilled chicken on our new grill! While I was in Savannah last weekend, Brian’s dad came into town and bought us a GIANT grill as a housewarming present.  It’s so nice to be able to enjoy this weather before it gets too hot.

Grilling out some chicken

Grilling out some chicken

Sunday: Yoga for Runners.  The plan today is to get some yardwork done (our front yard needs some serious help) which I know will actually be quite a workout.  I plan to hit up my favorite yoga class this afternoon.  I was trying to save money and do yoga at home, but honestly, I’m just not doing it.  I’m going to start adding this back into my routine starting this week and attending whenever I can.

For yardwork, Brian and I are going to pull up the weeds in the front yard, pull up the pinestraw, and lay down mulch.  Over the next few weekends, we’ll start adding in some plants and actually designing the landscaping.  I’m excited but nervous as to how sore I will be tomorrow.  Hopefully, the yoga helps!

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One week in and I’m re-energized and excited for this training cycle.  Next week, I really start the hard work, and I’m ready for it!

Only 9 weeks left until Hotlanta Half race day! Want to join me? Use code HHJESSICA5 for $5 off your registration on!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great first week! I’ve heard a lot of great things about this race. I want to run a half marathon in Atlanta next year – it’s on my bucket list!

  2. I’m glad that I ran across you on Twitter and found your blog. I am training for the Hotlanta Half as well and it will be by first half marathon. It’s very exciting and a little nerve racking at the same time. I’m going by the training plan on their website and also Crossfit 3-4 times per week for strength work, so I hope I’m doing enough to prepare. This distance is all new to me.

    • Hi Todd! Welcome!! It sounds like you are doing a lot to prepare. For running in Atlanta, make sure you do a lot of your training runs on hills. There will be a course run on May 14, so save that date. Let me know if you have any specific questions I can help with. If you do Crossfit, you’ve got the strength, just need to build the endurance! Good luck!

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