Hotlanta Half Training – Week 10

This was the final week before the Hotlanta Half yesterday! It was a crazy busy week as I was travelling for work.  Here’s how the week went:

Monday: 4 miles, light strength exercises.  A work from home day meant I got to see the sunrise! I felt so much better during this run than I had the previous week, even though it was like a swamp outside with the humidity.  On my lunch break, I did a quick 20 minutes of my biomechanics & PT strength exercises.  I finished the day with a soak in the tub….ahhhhhh…

Tuesday: Rest day, travel to Arkansas.  I had an 8am flight so I planned this one as a rest day.

Wednesday: 3 miles.  I got up early, but because of the time zone difference I actually felt a little like I got to sleep in.  I caught another gorgeous sunrise.  I visit this town in Arkansas often for work, so it’s nice to run on a familiar route, even when I’m away from home.  About a half mile from my hotel, I can access the Razorback Greenway, which makes for a beautiful and peaceful run!

Sunrise in Arkansas

Sunrise in Arkansas

That afternoon, we drove to Oklahoma.  We found this gem of a restaurant called the Painted Horse.  I had a burger, but for an appetizer we got their “Hog Heaven” which is a 5 cheese mac-n-cheese, topped with jalapenos, bacon, and pulled pork bbq.  Probably not the best race-week food, but dang it was so good!!

Good food makes me grin!

Good food makes me grin!

Thursday: 2 miles.  I couldn’t resist miles in a new state, so I went out for a quick run.  It was nice and flat, though a little warm.  I finished with a lot of stretching.

Friday: Rest day, travel back to Atlanta. We took a distribution center tour Friday morning, which got me a ton of steps.  After that, I spent a lot of the day in the car and then in the airport.  I feel like travelling always makes me feel dehydrated, so I just tried to drink water as much as possible.  I took a nice Epsom salt bath that evening, and it was so nice to sleep in my own bed!

Saturday: Rest. I got some errands done and just tried to relax as much as possible.  For dinner, Brian grilled us out some steaks.  It was the first time he’s tried to grill a filet on our new grill and he totally nailed it.  I couldn’t stop making yummy noises.  I told him he basically just volunteered himself to do this every Friday night during marathon training…haha.

Sunday: Hotlanta Half Marathon.  To say this was a tough race would be an understatement.  However, I’m pleased with how this race went – official finish time was 2:18:02.  A full recap coming later this week!!

Half marathon #8 completed!

Half marathon #8 completed!

That night, Brian and I ventured up to Alpharetta (about 40 mins from our place) to eat at a restaurant that just opened, Firebirds.  I worked at this restaurant in Richmond while I was getting my undergrad – and the food was so good that we still ate there all the time!  I found out that one just opened and we couldn’t resist going for dinner.  We got my favorite appetizer, Lobster Spinach Queso, and I got a giant burger which was delicious.  We will definitely be making the drive again!

Lobster Spinach Queso Dip

Lobster Spinach Queso Dip

This week, I’m going to be taking it easy and taking the entire week off of running.  I’ll still do some light cross training, but my body worked really hard yesterday and I am really feeling it today.  I decided that since Marathon Training is coming up, it’s not a bad idea to take a break before getting into it.  Next up: the Richmond Marathon!

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  1. Great job in the heat- man, that’s tough! The forecast for Grandma’s is looking hot too, definitely have to re-adjust my goals.

    I totally am with you with traveling being exhausting and dehydrating! No matter how much water I drink when flying I still come out dehydrated….

    Beautiful photo from Arkansas!

  2. You looked great out there on the course! Glad I was able to see you at the skate park.

  3. That mac and cheese with the pulled pork looks amazing! Mac and cheese is pretty much my spirit animal so I’m kind of obsessed with different variations. Sounds like you had a great half this weekend despite tough conditions. I can’t wait to read your race recap!

    • So I recently found out there will be a Mac n Cheese festival down here in the fall….I’m so excited!!!! Thanks for stopping by, race recap coming later this week!

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