Hotlanta Half Training – Week 4

Another week of training for my next race is in the books.  This week, instead of increasing total weekly mileage, I decided to do only 3 runs and more cross training.  Here’s how this week went:

Monday: 15 minutes stationary bike, 10 minutes rowing machine, biomechanics exercises & core work. I moved my workout to the evening and got this done while dinner was cooking.  My stationary bike was acting up so I switched over to the rowing machine – that thing always gives my glutes a good workout! I figured out that the batteries in the bike were dying so I ordered a power cord off Amazon.  After my workout, Brian and I ate dinner and then spent some time outside with Skipper playing ladder golf.  I love having an outside space!


Tuesday: 4 miles, mobility exercises. A great but uneventful run.  I took a slightly different route and hit some hills during the run.  The heat & humidity are definitely starting to move in, but I think my body is starting to get used to it.  I was dreaming a lot about my upcoming vacation during this run!

Wednesday: Pink Barre class. Oh my goodness, this was awesome! I’ll be doing a separate post about this, but it was my first time at a barre class and it was the perfect strength training compliment to running.  It really worked my glutes, hips, and quads….as well as my upper body and core.  As a bonus, my friend Mallory was teaching the class!  I’ll be hosting a free class in a couple of weeks if you would like to check it out – details here.


Thursday: 10 minutes stationary bike, 3 mile run, mobility exercises. I was seriously sore from the barre class the day before, so thought perhaps cross training would be better.  After 10 minutes on the bike, I had loosened up a bit and went out for some miles.  This run was great, and the first where I felt that both of my legs were strong…my run felt so smooth!

Friday: 30 minutes stationary bike, biomechanics & PT exercises.  Our AC adapater for the bike arrived and I was able to ride it without the bike acting up.  I noticed a huge difference when doing my exercises.  When I first started doing them, I couldn’t even get through half of a set before I started feeling burning.  Now, I’m able to do three sets! It’s awesome to see this progress.

Saturday: 10 mile hilly run at Chastain Park. Carrie was out of town this weekend, so I decided to go back to Chastain park, close to where our apartment was.  The weather was a bit warm, but the sun stayed away most of the run.  Chastain park is very, very hilly, and one lap is about 2.5 miles.  I did 4 laps and it went by a lot faster than I thought it would.  My legs were certainly tired at the end, but once again, they felt so strong and smooth.  I felt like I was gliding most of the run!! I’m so excited for the difference I’m seeing in my runs.

Sunday: Yoga for Runners.  My favorite instructor was teaching the class, and she did a slower-paced class which was JUST what I needed! My body was feeling very sore after my run on Saturday and I felt so good after this yoga.  Afterwards, I went and got a much needed mani/pedi.  It was a great end to the week!

Overall, I’m feeling good about my training.  The next few weeks are going to bring a ton of travel, so I’m hoping I can stay on track.  I’ll be in Arkansas next week, Miami (for work) the following week.  I’ll be back in Atlanta one week and then onto Punta Cana for vacation!!

In other exciting news….I’ve been selected to be an official blogger for the Richmond Marathon!!! I’m super excited about this, as I just LOVED this race last year and had already planned to run it this year.  The Richmond Marathon sent me a box of swag to help me get #richmondready.  I’m working on a few fun things here in Atlanta with them, so stay tuned as it all gets a bit closer!

Swag from the Richmond Marathon!

Swag from the Richmond Marathon!

How was your week?! How do you stay on track while travelling? What race are you doing in the fall?

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  1. 1. Skipper looks very skeptical in that photo.
    2. A power cord for your bike is going to be life changing. I got one for my elliptical a few years ago and I question why any of that equipment doesn’t automatically come with a power cord.
    3. YAY! RICHMOND!!!!

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