Hotlanta Half Training – Weekly Recap

This week was tough, which I knew it would be.  My body was all jacked up from coming back from San Fran on Monday morning.  That, combined with my new meds, just had me feeling all kinds of off.  I managed to get in 4 workouts which I’m proud of for sure.

Monday – Rest.  Took the redeye home to ATL that morning.  Commence total exhaustion.

Tuesday – 3 miles @ 10:40 pace. I got to try out my new Second Skin gear and I LOVED it.  I got picked up by them as a sponsored athlete, which means I get a bunch of gear to test for free!! Below are the 5″ shorts.  They did not ride up the entire run! The compression was great on them, though I wish they had some pockets.  If you are interested in checking out the line, you can see it here.  I also received a pair of capris which I also tested out and loved.  I am waiting on some short sleeve tees or tanks to test as well.

Second Skin 5" Compression Shorts

Second Skin 5″ Compression Shorts

Wednesday – Orange Theory Fitness (around 2.5 miles of speedwork total).  Focused on arms and MAN they got burnt out.  This runner is so weak in the upper body!

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest! Brian had his hooding ceremony for his PhD, so we went to that and spent the day celebrating with his dad.

Saturday – 3 miles @ 10:50 pace.  It was surprisingly cool, around 50 degrees at 11am.

Sunday – 4 miles @ 9:56 pace. Another cool run, around 55 degrees at 11am again!

Total miles: 10, plus 2.5 of speed work (12.5 total)

Truthfully, almost every workout was very, very hard.  I was just so tired and bloated all week.  I spent Saturday being super lazy and also ate really well, and woke up this morning feeling so much better.  Today’s run was the first run in quite some time that wasn’t a total slog fest.

I came across an article another friend posted on Facebook about gluten sensitivity/intolerance and was really intrigued as I was reading the symptoms.  It also seems that there is a loose link between gluten sensitivity and PCOS.  I decided I’m going to go Gluten Free for the next 2 weeks and see if I see a difference.   I don’t eat a lot of gluten around the house, but I definitely indulge when I go out to eat.  I’ve had stomach issues for the past few years – terrible heartburn and upset stomach (I was actually diagnosed with GERD), and often feel bloated and tired.  I’m really curious to see if this helps.  Stay tuned!

This week, I’ll be travelling for work to DC and then will be spending the weekend with my parents.  It’s going to be another challenging week, but then things should start to slow down a bit finally.  Just have to get through one more week! My goal is to get 15-17 miles in this week, as well as at least one day of strength training.  I’ll also really get to challenge myself with the gluten free diet at a work convention 🙂

Please continue to link up below! I’m not commenting much these days but I love reading your recaps!

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  1. I’m sorry that you had a hard week of workouts. I’m actually going gluten free for a few weeks. I was tested for food allergies a few weeks ago and the results came back that I have a “food sensitivity” to gluten and wheat. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but it might take time to see results.

    • How long have you been on the gluten free diet? Curious to hear what your challenges are. I haven’t been tested yet, but based on the difference I’ve noticed so far it’s clearly been a factor for me.

      • Well it should be 2 weeks at this point, but I noticed yesterday that I was still eating things with gluten in them (I have to do better about reading labels). I’m going to re-start on Monday!

  2. Very cool that you are an ambassador for Second Skin and you are loving the apparel so far, looking forward to hearing more 🙂
    I’ll be curious to follow how the Gluten Free goes- you should share some on your meal planning, recipes, etc and how you’re getting the carbs for marathon training without the ‘ease’ of gluten. Fingers crossed that it helps!

    • Yes, I am looking forward to getting my hands on some tops! Right now all I have is a long sleeve top which is too warm for down south, haha. It shouldn’t be an issue getting carbs in while gluten free – I can still eat potatoes, rice, and quinoa…all of which is what I primarily used for carbs during marathon training. There are lots of recipes out there for gluten free bread, muffins, etc! The big challenge for me will be cutting out pizza, burgers, and beer or at least finding gluten free alternatives. Oh, and red velvet cake 🙂 I will definitely share more as I figure out what works, etc!

  3. It seems there are so many things that have a link to gluten intolerance. When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism I cut it out. For me the quality of the product made all the difference and I can still tell when I’ve had too much or the most processed forms. I hope it helps you! There’s no harm in trying. I’m a huge believer in probiotics for bloat! Kombucha for life. Haha! Sending you lots of good vibes!

    • Thanks Alaina! I’ve had some great success so far this week. I think you’re spot on about the processed foods vs not. What’s interesting is I honestly don’t eat that much gluten around the house, but tend to when I go out to eat. I always associated that awful feeling after eating out with just eating bad food…but I think it’s really been the gluten exasperating it.

  4. I’d be really curious to see how going gluten free works out for you. I had to go gluten free a while ago when we found it was my migraine trigger.

    • Are you still GF? It’s going well for me. I am going to have to do some research to figure out how to still eat some of my favorite foods…like pizza. LOL. Going to Italy next month on vacation will for sure be a challenge.

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