I’m back!

Hello everyone! I hope your holidays were fantastic and that you got some rest and time with those you care about. Anyone get anything really good for a gift?

The past few weeks have been super slammed and busy. I had high hopes that December would be all about fun running, cross training, and getting stronger. In reality, I hardly did anything at all…and that’s okay. It’s been nice to sleep and eat bad food and not worry about getting runs in during a busy time.

One of my favorite runs over my little break was the weekend of Thanksgiving, when Chrissy and I ran 5 miles on my favorite trail. That same weekend last year, we also ran 5 miles together to kick off training for our first marathon. It’s really been a special year of running, and we had a great time reminiscing together.


December brought our runners holiday party! Last year, Elizabeth was kind enough to invite me to it and I went…even though I hadn’t met ANY of the runners in real life. This past year, I’ve logged lots of miles with some of these ladies, and I’m so grateful for that initial invite.


We did a white elephant exchange, where I got the perfect sign for my office!


While I’ve missed running and the structure of a training schedule, my body needed the break after a year of back to back training cycles! However, I’m itching to get back out there.  This week will be about easing myself back into a routine and getting back on track with nutrition.  I spent time this weekend prepping food for the week, and enjoyed a nice (and HOT) 3.5 mile run this morning. I haven’t done strength training since before my marathon (whoops) so that’s on the list too. January will still be a busy month for me (more on that later), but getting back into training will keep me sane. I officially start half marathon training next week!

How has your December been? What was your favorite run over the holidays? Any big New Years plans?

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