It’s My Marathon-Versary!!!

One year ago I became a marathoner.  366 days have gone by and I still can’t believe I did that!



Training for and finishing a marathon has completely changed my perspective on life.  I talked about it a little here right after the marathon, but now that it’s been a full year, I thought I’d reflect on it again.

I’ve always considered myself a very confident person, but something about my confidence completely changed after crossing that finish line.  I know that I can do just about anything if I want it bad enough and put the work in, and that has changed my approach to life in general.  Since that day, I went for an amazing job opportunity that I may have thought was a stretch previously.  I got it and have been excelling in the role (and am really enjoying it!).  I learned how to swim.  I bought my first house.  Suddenly, the things that used to scare me didn’t seem as intimidating. My dreams are bigger and I aim higher.

I recently re-read Lean In and I think Sheryl Sandberg sums it up with this quote: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”. Something about running a marathon made me floor the gas pedal and I’m loving the results.  If you haven’t run a marathon but are considering it, do it.  It will literally change your life.

Happy marathon-versary to me and my sole sister, Christina!  I can’t believe we did it!


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  1. YAY!!! I still get chills thinking about crossing the finish line and that flood of emotions. So stinking proud of us. I never ever ever ever thought I’d be a marathoner and I’m so happy that I was able to share that very special day with you 🙂

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