January 2014 Recap

January was a great month for me for running!! I feel like I had so many accomplishments that will set me up for the rest of the year, and I really got started on the right foot towards my goal of 4 half marathons this year.

* I stopped run/walk intervals and started running january 2014 recap

* I decreased my average pace by 34 seconds

* I started this running blog

* I joined a training program for my next half marathon

* I met up with a local running group and made some new running friends

* I learned about proper running form and injury prevention

*I stuck to my goal of cross training at least once a week

* I remained injury free!

I’m super excited for what February will bring.  To round out the month, I treated myself to some new running shoes!  These Sauconys are so different than my current Brooks.  I got refitted after my last Good Form Running class.  I hadn’t been fitted since before I started running (about 2 years ago!), and when I got fitted, I was pronating….but I’m not anymore.  So I’ve moved from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe.  One of the problems I was having with my last shoe was that the heel was just way too padded–it was hard NOT to heel-strike.  Turns out the shoe I was in was a 10mm heel drop, these are only a 4mm.  It’s a huge difference.  I can’t wait to break them in during my February runs!



Saucony Cortana 3

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