Marathon Training Update (Christina)

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?  First there were Christmas Parties at work (I work in event sales for a private club and literally worked every day from December 1st – 20th), then there was Christmas and I went to my parent’s house in Williamsburg, VA:


and then I went to Hilton Head, SC for a weekend,


and then I went to Hong Kong for a week.  Yup, Hong Kong.  All 20 hours of airplanes, buses, and trains to visit my friend and her family that’s currently living there. The trip to Hong Kong and the subsequent jet lag did a number on my marathon training.  I had grand plans to run a lot while I was there – but here’s the thing – it’s HILLY there.  Like the entire course I had planned out was either very uphill or very downhill.  I went to a Pilates class while I was there and confirmed it with another runner that was in the class – hills, hills, and more hills.  I did end up getting in 3 runs – 4 miles, 8 miles, and 4 miles.  So I was pretty pleased with that.


After I got home from Hong Kong it was a full week of jet lag and then I had to get in a 16 mile run.  It was pretty brutal.  Not only was it the longest run I’d done yet – but I was still suffering from exhaustion.  I walked a lot and listened to “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler.


So now Week 9 of Marathon Training is over.


So here’s a recap of what I’ve learned so far:

1.  My house has been taken over by running stuff.  It’s everywhere.  I try to keep it contained but there are shoes, foam rollers, compression sleeves, GU, gloves, socks, headlamps, Nuun, and clothes everywhere.  I try to pick it up but it comes out in another 20 minutes so I’m giving up.

2.  Compression sleeves are amazing.  After my half marathon in December (Huntersville Half Marathon) I had to come right in to work and couldn’t wear my compression sleeves with my dress.  Wow did my calves hurt.  So now I wear them during long runs and then to bed the night after a long run and it feels SO much better.  Plus, they’re really cute.

3.  Hydrating.  I’m trying to drink a lot of water but I can tell when I’m failing.  I get stitches in my side and I know immediately that it’s because I haven’t been drinking enough.  This was especially clear the week after I flew home and I know I was totally dehydrated.

4.  I’m hungry All. The. Time.  I snack throughout the day and try to eat well but I feel like there are days when I can’t get on top of the hunger (runger).  As a person who has struggled with weight it’s a real balance between knowing I need to fuel my body and not wanting to overindulge.  I try to snack on fruit, greek yogurt and almonds.  And sometimes cookies…

5. I’d love to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I run – but I can’t.  I get lost in the story and forget that I’m supposed to be running.  They’re not motivating like 90’s rap music.

I told Jessica this morning that I was ready for this to be done.  I’m ready to get my medal and wear it proudly.  I feel confident that I can run this race and survive it.  Maybe even have some fun while I’m at it.

39 days till 26.2!

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Christina Hagan

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