Marathon Training: Week 1 (Jess)

Well, it’s finally happening.  Christina and I are training for our marathon!  We’re both going to try to update here to memorialize our journey.  On March 14th, we’ll run the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon!

We’re using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan.  I’ve modified a few weeks to account for vacations and things this month.  Overall, I feel good about this plan and I’m glad that it has both fall back weeks and plenty of rest days.

Since we trained for and ran the Atlanta half marathon, we started a few weeks into the plan.  Before we even started though, we bought ourselves “we’re training for a marathon!” presents.  We choose Cherry Blossom rings because we’ll be running through the streets of DC right around Cherry Blossom season!  Now, we’re “married” to marathon training!



Week 1

Miles on the schedule: 24

Miles logged: 21.68

We started this week off together with a 5 mile run.  We were still very sore from the half marathon and tired, so we went out thinking we’d just do 3.  About a mile in I told Christina I thought we should do 4….and then a mile later, I told her we were going to do our 5.  Really, once we got started, I felt so much better.  I love that we kicked off our marathon training with a run together.  This will be our last run together until our peak long run in February!



Here we are on our 5 Mile Run!


I got new shoes for training because I’ve been having a few problems with my Brooks Ravennas.  Specifically, I’ve been having pain on the inside of my legs between my calves and shins, and I keep getting black toenails and blisters on my second toes.   I went to the local running store, Big Peach, and got fitted for new shoes.  I ended up in the Pearl Izumi M3s, and I love them! They’re like little hugs for my feet! They have fantastic arch support.  They do have quite a different heel drop though.  The Brooks Ravenna has a 10mm, whereas these have a 4mm.  Given the issues I’ve had with my achilles, I’m a little nervous about this, but decided I would just break these shoes in slowly.

pearl izumi m3

Pearl Izumi M3

Tuesday night I got to join my running group again since I’m no longer in school! We did a 3.5 mile route.  The routes around the running store are pretty hilly, so I kept it pretty slow.  Wednesday night I met up with my friend Lauren and did 4 miles at the park (also hilly).  After this run, my calves were feeling VERY tight.  I’ve been doing a lot of foam rolling and stretching, but I don’t want to push it.  I decided to take an additional rest day on Thursday and just did some light yoga stretching instead.  Friday was a scheduled rest day, and then Saturday was 9 miles.

So, I’ve never actually run in the rain.  I’ve had a few runs where it was misty, but never a long run in hard rain….until yesterday.  There was a 90% chance of rain, but I managed to get a group of people to join me for my 9 miles.  The temperature was warm (in the 50s)….and it was actually really fun! At one point there was a torrential downpour, but we just kept trucking along.  I have to admit, I felt pretty accomplished after.  I also switched back to my Brooks for this long run.  My plan is to wear my new Pearl Izumi’s during the week for the short runs until my calves get used to the lower drop.  Today, I feel pretty good, so I think that, and the extra rest day, was the right decision!


Here I am after my 9 rainy miles!

Overall, I feel like week 1 was a success…and I didn’t run any of my training runs solo! Next week, I have a 10 Miler race on Saturday that will serve as my training run.  This will likely be my last race until the marathon!


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