Marathon Training Week 9

Another week of marathon training has come and gone!  This week, I started my “Believe” Training Journal and it’s helped me really keep track of my runs and thoughts.  Also, I had to put down goals for this year (more on that in a separate post) and writing them out really made me feel excited for what this year brings!



Week 9

Planned Mileage: 29

Actual Mileage: 25

Monday: Rest day.  I decided to skip strength training because my body really felt like it needed another recovery day.  Also, I was hungry all day long!

Tuesday: Planned 4 miles, actual 4 miles.  The extra rest day really helped, my legs felt great during this run.

Wednesday: Planned 8 miles, actual 8 miles.  I had some stuff stressing me out, and Brian was travelling this week, so I didn’t sleep well.  It was hard to get up for this run.  It really helped that my friend Christy lives along my route and we had already planned on her joining me for part of this run.  I ran 3 miles solo, picked her up to run 4 together, then ran the last mile home together.  We had a great chat too which helped with some stuff on my mind!

Also, my new boots arrived!  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with marathon training but it totally does.  You see, since marathon training started, I’ve been wearing the crap out of the one pair of riding boots I have.  They’re just way more comfortable than dress shoes.  And forget the idea of wearing heels right now.

Well, I have this weird problem in that I’m really petite, but I have larger feet for my height.  My calves are pretty small, even for being a runner.  I have had a really hard time finding knee high boots that aren’t huge on my calves.  I did a little internet shopping and stumbled upon this beautiful pair of Cole Haan boots, and got them on sale at Macy’s.  They’re super comfortable and fit me perfectly, and they have a very slight heel (about an inch) which takes some of the pressure off my achilles.  I’ve been wearing them every day and love them!


Thursday: Planned 5 miles, actual 0 miles.  Another night of not sleeping well gave me a last minute decision of sleeping in.  I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends and slept amazing Thursday night.

Friday: Planned 0 miles, actual 5 miles.  Glad I moved this run to Friday.  I had a great run and worked out some things on my run (I love when that happens!) Also, I literally ran an errand after my run….I needed garbage bags so I planned my route to end at the grocery store!

Saturday:  Planned 12 miles, actual 8 miles.

I joined the Metro Atlanta Running Club (MARC) for this run.  My running friend Jessica over at Runladylike recommended this group to me.  They have supported long runs every single weekend! It’s a small fee to join, but you’re invited to come out to a long run to try them out beforehand, so I went out and met them.  I got paired up with two ladies who were a similar pace to me and we set out for 12 miles.

It was super cold at the start and I didn’t really feel warmed up before we started running a bit faster then I normally do.  We hit a large hill about 2 miles in and after that I started feeling an ache in my lower right leg, close to my achilles/bottom of my calf.  I spent the next 5 miles trying to decide if I just had discomfort, or if I could have injured myself.  When we passed a large shopping center at the end of mile 7 I tapped out.  The ache had turned into a pain and I was having flashbacks to my run last year that knocked me out for a few months because I pushed on.

Isn’t it weird how much pride can get in your way of taking care of yourself?  I spent almost an entire mile in my head debating on whether I could push through or not.  Then I finally thought “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?”.  I mean, I was with other runners who knew I was training for a marathon.  They would totally get it and not judge me.  And I’d rather sit out for a few days than not run my race.  I also pictured having to call Christina and tell her I injured myself and what that would be like.  It was enough for me to stop.  The girls were so nice and one of them came back and picked me up after the run.  I went into the Atlanta Bread Company in the shopping center (similar to a Panera) and had a cup of coffee while I waited.  I always keep a five dollar bill on me during longer runs and have never had to use it, but I did here and I’m glad I had it!

I’m feeling okay today but I definitely tweaked something in my muscle.  However, I am already feeling better.  It doesn’t hurt when I walk and I can kind of feel it a little when I run.  I know that stopping was the right thing to do, I honestly think I could have seriously injured myself if I had tried to push through.  I think I’ll need to adjust my mileage this week, but we’ll see.  I don’t think this is going to majorly derail my training, but positive thoughts my way please!!

As far as running with MARC, I really enjoyed the run.  The group was truly welcoming.  Before the run, everyone introduced themselves to me and was talking to me.  I’ve been to other groups where everyone clearly already had their cliques and I had to make a lot of effort to talk to people.  I didn’t feel that way at all!  I have some big goals this year and I’ll need the support, so I went ahead and signed up!  I’m looking forward to more runs with this group!

Reflecting back on this week, two things really stand out.

1. Nutrition: it’s getting harder to keep up with my hunger.  This week was especially hard because my hunger has increased and my time at work for snacks has decreased.  I’m going to start incorporating shakes this week so I can drink them during meetings.  Also, I’m STARVING when I wake up each morning.  Not quite sure what to do about that as I’m not hungry when I go to bed.

2. Stretching/foam rolling: I was terrible about this.  My run Saturday was a wake up call and a scare (let’s hope it’s just a scare!).  I’ve added reminders to my phone to make sure I do my stretching and rolling daily.  Also, I booked a massage for next weekend!

Plan for this week: I’m going to go to strength training tomorrow and see how I feel tomorrow night with my tweaked muscle.  I’ll possibly cut back on mileage this week depending on how it’s feeling.  I have 18 miles planned for Saturday, but if I have to switch that around with the next week I will.  Follow me on Twitter to keep up with my training throughout the week!

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed running with the MARC crew. There are a lot of wonderful people and runners and many who you should be able to run with 🙂 Im so sorry to hear about your pain. I know that can be frustrating. I hope it is nothing that stretching, ice, a few days off and a sports massage can’t fix.

    Regarding hunger, try adding more protein and fat to your diet, along with healthy carbs. Protein in the AM like Greek yogurt or siggisdairy, eggs, etc. Also adding avocado can help keep you fuller, whether that is on top of eggs at breakfast, on a salad at lunch, etc. You may try using MyFitnessPal to track your calories in against how much you are working out to ensure you’re not banking a deficit regularly.

    I love the Believe I Am journal too. Good luck this week and thanks for linking up with your raining! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your foot! xo

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