Fundraising Recap – March

If you remember, I am dedicating 2017 to raising money for Fred’s Team to run the NYC Marathon!  I’d like to check in each month to let you know what I’ve been doing for fundraising and how it’s going.  Check out my other recaps:

Month 1 – February

Fundraising for the NYC Marathon with Fred's Team - Recap tips and tricks

Wow, wow, wow. I cannot believe how successful I was in March with my fundraising. In March, I raised $2,966, bringing my total raised to $4,018. This is significant for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I am now more than halfway to my minimum commitment with Fred’s Team. Here’s how I did it:

Individual Donations – $2506

This was the main focus for March. I contacted 149 people through email and posted a couple of times on social media, and received 40 donations.  I learned so much about what is effective vs not during March, and I’m planning a separate post with those tips for you later in April.

One thing that has really surprised me is the generous donation amounts. I was expecting a lot more small donation amounts ($10ish), but the majority of my donations have been over $50.  I think this is due to three factors:

– my high goal (if my goal was $500, I doubt I would have received so many $100 donations)

– the quality of my network, since many of my donors have a graduate level education and are mid or senior level in their careers

– how common cancer is. I have heard so many heartbreaking stories, many of which came with significant donations.  It has been a somber reminder at how short life is, and how fortunate I really am.

March Madness 50/50 – $210

I got 42 people to join my pool, which was a super easy way to make $210 for my fundraising!

Bartered Social Media Help – $250

There is a gym I used to go to, and in the past I helped the owner out with social media work in exchange for free sessions. I no longer live close to that gym, but she recently asked for my help again on some stuff. I negotiated a recurring monthly donation in exchange for the help! This means that I will add an additional $2k to my fundraising between now and November through this partnership.

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Reflections and Lessons Learned

I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed fundraising. To be honest, I thought it would feel hard, but it’s the opposite. In reality, I have become obsessed with planning things out and every time my personal email dings, I hold my breath for another donation.  In addition, I have enjoyed reconnecting with my network through my efforts, and I’ve found that thrill again of hitting milestones.  Each week, I’ve been excited to tally up my donations and love seeing my efforts pay off.

To that end, one lesson I’ve already taken away from this experience is that setting big goals are only scary if you’re not prepared to do the work.  Since my goal seemed so big, I’ve been busting my butt to hit it.  The amount of time and effort I’ve put in has been directly correlated with how challenging and big my goal seemed.  Between what I’ve raised and what I already have in the pipeline for the rest of this year, I’m extremely confident at this point that I will exceed my goal before November. I’m considering raising my goal to keep me motivated, but am going to wait until the end of April to make that decision.

Looking Forward

I have a couple of things up my sleeve for April, and at least one thing planned for each month through the end of summer to help with fundraising.  I also plan to continue my individual emails at the end of April, but will likely take also break for also couple of weeks due to travel.  My hope is to raise another $2k in April.

How is your fundraising going? Any tips to share with me? Put them below in the comments!

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