New Tune Tuesday: Find Your Rhythm

new tune tuesday find your rhythmThis week, I’m bringing you songs to help you find your rhythm.  What does that mean? Well, sometimes running can feel like your feet are all over the place…and then that ONE SONG comes on.  The one that has a great and prominent beat that before you know it, your feet are moving in exact time to the music.  This week’s selection of music is all about those songs.

The first song on this list always makes me think of the group of ladies I trained with for my first half marathon.  I was our designated DJ and would play music through my phone speaker for us.  Whenever this song came on, within a few seconds all of our feet were landing at the exact same time.  I love how music can bring back so many memories…even running ones!

  1. Shake Ya Tailfeather – Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee
  2. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
  3. Float On – Modest Mouse
  4. Bossy – Kellis
  5. Family Affair – Mary J. Blige
  6. Forgot About Dre – Dre and Eminem
  7. You Be Killin’ Em – Fabolous
  8. What I Got – Sublime
  9. Air Force Ones – Nelly
  10. Beverly Hills – Weezer
  11. Blue Jeans – Keith Urban
  12. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
  13. Cupids Chokehold – Gym Class Heros
  14. Still D.R.E – Dr Dre
  15. Work It – Missy Elliot
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I hope you enjoy these songs! What songs help you find your rhythm? 

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  1. LOVE this list!! Another good one is the cliche, Don’t Stop Believin’ — Journey. Especially helpful when you start feeling you just can’t go anymore! Another one is Meet Me Halfway for the Black Eyed Peas. 🙂

    Now I’m off to download the songs from your list I’m missing!! Haha!

    • Who doesn’t love Bon Jovi? And I love that entire Black Eyed Peas album…it is a very consistent BPM and keeps you moving along!!

      Let me know how you like the songs!

  2. I love that Forgot About Dre is on the list! I love hip hop and electronic music the most when i’m working out.

  3. Journey is amazing, add it! Haha, I have Beverly Hills on my list too. Also, I put some Tom Petty on there for the cool down.

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