NYC Fundraising Recap: Month 1

I’m officially fundraising and want to share with you all how it is going.  If you remember, I am dedicating 2017 to raising money for Fred’s Team to run the NYC Marathon!  I’d like to check in each month to let you know what I’ve been doing for fundraising and how it’s going.

Fundraising recap and tips for Fred's Team NYC Marathon Charity Fundraising

Here’s how February went:

Created my plan and strategy for fundraising

My plan consists of several aspects:

  • Events – I plan to do several events of different sizes throughout the course of the year.  I spent some time brainstorming who I could partner with, how many events I would need to do when, and how much I would like to raise at each event.  I’ve started reaching out to these key contacts to plan them.
  • Individual Donations – This is where I will spend a lot of time up-front.  I am sending indivual emails to my entire network.  More on that below.
  • Sale of Goods – I’ve been brainstorming what I can offer in exchange for donations.  I have a talent of crocheting, so I’m hoping to leverage that throughout my fundraising.

I’ve created several different milestones for myself and mini-goals throughout the year.  Much like training for a marathon, breaking down my plan into smaller chunks has made the goal less overwhelming.  I feel good about my plan.  I know it will be a lot of work but I feel that it is achievable!

Officially registered and opened my page via Fred’s Team – $100.00

This was so exciting!! My page is officially open, you can view it here.  As part of the fundraising, I kicked it off with a donation of my own.

I also tried to make my story compelling and encourage specific donation amounts.  I feel that it is too long, so I want to shoot a video next month to add to the page so that I can remove some of the text.

Sold crochet hats – $604

I sold 24 hand crocheted hats at $26.20 each! I admittedly am STILL making them, but have about 5 to go that I hope to knock out this weekend.  After taking out Etsy fees and materials, I was able to add $604 to my fundraising through these hats! I am looking at something that will take less time to make, that is warm-weather appropriate, to sell once I get these hats completed.


Announced my fundraising on social media – $201

Having my official link has been exciting because I can share it via my social media channels! I’ve also been giving shout-outs to my donors if they are on social media as the donations come in.  I have received 4 donations via social media

Began individual donation emails – $146

This is where I have been spending a ton of time.  I am trying out different types of emails to see what works best.  I’ve found it challenging to tell my story in a concise way.  Also…what type of subject line is compelling to open?  I also tried a mass email versus individualized.  I’ve found (probably not to anyone’s surprise) that my individualized emails have a much higher success rate.  They just take so long!

So far I’ve sent about 40 emails and have received 4 donations with responses of pledges for 3 more (which I have not included in the above total).  That is about an 18% success rate which I’m pleased with.  I also would like to point out that 2 of these donations came after a follow up a week after my first email.  Because I’m a numbers nerd, I’m hoping to increase my success rate and will be tracking what works vs what does not.  After a couple of months I will share here what has the highest success!

Total raised month one: $1,052

Money to go: $8,948

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So there you have it! I hit my first milestone during my first month which I am thrilled with! I hope to get to my next milestone of $2500 by the end of March, mostly through individual donation emails.

What tips or advice do you have for me? Anyone else running for charity or get into the NYC lottery?


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