NYC Marathon – 4 weeks to go!

Hi everyone! This was a solid week of training and getting settled in to my new role at work.  This week, we had a two day, offsite kick off event.  At the end of the first night, we had a social event at the Georgia Aquarium.  I always love going to the aquarium – if you are ever in Atlanta I can’t recommend it enough!

This week was the start of my peak of training, and I’m feeling good finishing it up.  I did barre once this week which had me feeling wobbly but strong too.

I also had a few runs this week, including mile repeats on Thursday morning.  I didn’t have time to drive somewhere flat, but was able to execute these on hills, which made me really excited.

Speedy mile repeats

The weather was cool mid week, and then crept back up into summer temps by the weekend.  For my 21 miler this weekend, the weather was miserable.  Very muggy, around 72 degrees with humidity near 100%.  HOWEVER, despite the weather, I was able to pull out a VERY solid run and felt strong.  My overall mileage this training cycle has been pretty low…lower than even my first marathon training, but it seems to be working out fine for my body.  I’ve been able to keep my legs feeling fresh and build strength.  Since I don’t have time goals for NYC, I’m just focusing on building the endurance to finish.  At this point, I’m feeling pretty good about that, which is great since we still have 28 days to go!

I am working hard today on some fundraising stuff, so I’m keeping this recap short.  How is your training going?

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Also, are you running NYC or will you be in NYC? If so, please join Jessie and I for a meet up!! Details below!

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  1. Congrats on a great week -especially the long run! The summer weather really needs to just go away!!
    I am not running NYC anymore but I will be there for the meet up – so excited for you!

  2. Great job on the 21 miler in sticky conditions! It’s been so humid here in NH too…which I’m sure doesn’t even compare to Atlanta. 🙂

  3. It’s great to read that you’re settling into your new job and things are going well! The aquarium looks lovely. I need to make it to Atlanta at some point. We haven’t done a marathon in Georgia yet!

    • Thanks Jessie!! There is a marathon here in March….it is SOOOO hilly though, so it is a good challenge. Maybe a good training run for Boston 😉 Otherwise you could do Savannah which is super flat, in November!

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