NYC Marathon Training – Week 2

As a reminder, I’m running the NYC Marathon for Fred’s Team, and am working towards hitting a huge fundraising goal to support cancer research! You can click here to read more and make a donation.

Week 2 of marathon training was so much better than week 1.  After having such a rough time getting back into it, my coach suggested I ditch my Garmin for a run or two and just focus on getting the work in.  I did not wear my Garmin for most of the week, and I must admit it was refreshing! Here is how the week went:


Monday: 3 ish miles easy pace. This run felt good and truly easy. Of course I got a little winded on the uphills, but the recovery was fast on the downhills. Did 2 rounds of 15 reps of some glute and hip strength exercises.  Since I wasn’t wearing my Garmin, I loaded up my wrist with reminders for my run:

Tuesday: 45 minutes stationary bike.  I caught up on reading the latest issue of Runner’s World while completing a rolling hills program.  Also, we had a huge harvest from our garden!

Wednesday: Upper body and core strength, plus 4ish miles easy pace.  I did my strength training before my run, which worked out well from a “get it done” perspective.  When I can and where it makes sense, I’m going to try to do this going forward.

Thursday: 3ish mile recovery run.  This definitely felt harder than I would have liked it to be, even running at what felt like a snail’s pace.

Friday: 30 minutes easy stationary bike, 2 rounds of hip/glute strength exercises.  This was the first time in a long time I had so many workouts in a row!

Saturday: 7 miles at 11:49 pace – and it was hot as crap.  I met up super early with my running group but ended up dropping back and running at my own pace because it just felt so hard.  I took a few walk breaks, but ultimately was proud to finish the miles even when I really wanted to quit.

Sunday: REST DAY!  Yeah!!

Total Miles: 17

Overall, this week was solid and it felt good to get back into a routine.  I also paid special attention to nutrition.  I made up a batch of Superhero Muffins which were delicious every day.


This week was a super busy week at work, so I didn’t get to focus on fundraising as much as I would have liked.  However, I still managed to bring in another $136 as of Sunday morning, bringing my total raised to $8,321.  This next week will be another busy one at work, so my focus will be on doing as much as I can and getting things ready for my big event with my hairdresser next month!

How was your week? Don’t forget to link up with Jessie and I below!

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  1. I think every runner I know is suffering from the crazy heat and humidity this summer – it’s been awful! Congrats on getting your long run done in the heat yesterday.

    Those superhero muffins look yummy!! You are doing so great with your fundraising!

    • This heat is hard, exactly! Yes, those superhero muffins are a staple for me. Do you have the book? I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. I love the super hero muffins, make them all the time! The veggies from your garden look fantastic.

    Great job toughing out the heat, it’s definitely a struggle!

    • Yes, I make the muffins a lot…Brian has recently taken a liking to them so they don’t last as long as I would like them to haha.

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