NYC Marathon Training – Week 3 & a HUGE Fundraising Announcement!

As a reminder, I’m running the NYC Marathon for Fred’s Team, and am working towards hitting a huge fundraising goal to support cancer research! I am blogging about my NYC Marathon Training throughout this process.  You can click here to read more and make a donation.


It was a great week for training!  In case you missed it, I shared my goals for this training cycle here.  Since I’m not focusing on time, my recaps will not include my paces going forward.  I want to focus more on effort and my fundraising.

Monday: 4 miles easy plus glute/hip strength.

Tuesday: 55 minute barre class.  I hadn’t been to barre in forever and it was awesome, and there was an 80s themed playlist.  Who doesn’t love “Love Shack” blasting at 6am?!

Barre Time

Wednesday: 4 miles easy plus 4 x 20 second striders.

Thursday: 3 easy miles.

Friday: 20 minutes easy stationary bike.

Saturday: 8 easy miles.  I did 2 of these on hills and the balance on my favorite trail.  It was an awesome run and I felt so strong, despite the heat and humidity.

Sunday: Rest day!  Brian and I had a breakfast date at Egg Harbor Cafe (my favorite breakfast place) and I tried their gluten-free pancakes….oh gosh, they were SO GOOD!!

Gluten Free Pancakes

Total miles for the week: 19.  I feel good about this week overall, but definitely need to do better with things like foam rolling.  That will be my focus next week.


This was a huge week for my fundraising, and I raised $820 this week to add to my total! This brings my total amount raised to $9,141.  I achieved this mostly through a slew of emails I sent out Thursday night.  That day, I received some discouraging news about a fellow runner who is battling Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, and it felt like the only thing I could do.  I am happy to have raised so much this week!

When I started this journey, I set out to raise $10,000, so I am close to that goal.  I have found that they closer I get to the goal the less effort I am putting into it.  When I really focus, I have awesome weeks of fundraising!  This is why, after some reflection this week, I’ve decided to raise my goal to $15,000.

Why @jessrunsatl has increased her fundraising goal for the NYC Marathon: Click To Tweet

I know, I know.  $15k? It seems crazy! Honestly though, $10k seemed crazy and I am so close to hitting that number.  At the end of the day, I’ve already hit my minimum commitment with Fred’s Team.  This means there truly aren’t any negative consequences if I fail to hit this new number.

One thing I’ve learned through this process is that stretch goals completely change your mindset and the effort you put in.  Think about it: if I was shooting for $1,000, I would not have approached my fundraising in the same way I have this year.  I also wouldn’t have received such large donations along the way.  My effort, and mindset, changed as my goals got bigger.  Anyways, all this to say, I want to continue to stretch myself over the next few months and see what I can truly achieve.  More on what I’m planning in my July fundraising recap!

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  1. Congrats on a great week of training Jess! You have been doing so well with your fundraising and I have no doubt that you can hit your $15K goal!

    I’m sorry to hear about your runner friend that is battling cancer and I will keep that person in my prayers this week.

  2. Congrats on the fundraising – you are doing an amazing job! 🙂 I also often forget about foam rolling – I think I just haven’t found a routine yet or encorporated it properly into my schedule. Do you follow a set routine, or just roller the bits that feel tight?

  3. A great week.
    Well done on your fundraising – awesome work! Sometimes it’s incredible how much more can be raised that we ever think possible.

  4. Oh my gosh congrats on being so close to your 10K goal and challenging yourself with more. I am so sorry about the runner that you know though, that is scary news.

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