NYC Marathon Training – Week 6

As a reminder, I’m running the NYC Marathon for Fred’s Team, and am working towards hitting a huge fundraising goal to support cancer research! I am blogging about my NYC Marathon Training throughout this process.  You can click here to read more and make a donation.


This was another tough week of training given how crazy my work has been.  However, I managed to get in most of my workouts.  I also got a sports massage on Monday which REALLY hit the spot!  I’ve found myself very run down mid week, so I need to either find a way to push through or change up my schedule.

My long run on Saturday was a mix of good and not.  I had some stretches where I felt great, but I started getting some tightness in my left leg towards the end and just was struggling mentally.  It culminated with me tripping on a rock or something and completely wiping out during my last mile.  I didn’t hurt myself past a bunch of scrapes and cuts, but MAN those scrapes and cuts HURT with the sweat running into them.  I was running on the side of the trail which is clay/dirt, so it could have been worse if I had tripped on the asphalt.  I definitely got dirty though!


Our SHINE for CANCER event is going very well…we have raised over $1500, with still 11 days to go.

As a reminder, I will be cutting my hair off at the end of the month.  I picked out three potential haircut options and will cut my hair in the style that receives the most donations through August 31st.  You can click here to donate, just add a note to your donation with your vote!

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  1. So glad to hear that you SHINE fundraiser event is going well! You have done an excellent job with fundraising for the NYC Marathon!

    I was so sorry to see that you fell yesterday but happy that it wasn’t anything too serious!

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