NYC Marathon Training Week 8

As a reminder, I’m running the NYC Marathon for Fred’s Team, and am working towards hitting a huge fundraising goal to support cancer research! I am blogging about my NYC Marathon Training throughout this process.  You can click here to read more and make a donation.


This was a solid week of training!  I worked from home most of the week so got a little bit of a break from a work perspective, which translated nicely in my running.  I ran a total of 28 miles, including my long run of 14 miles on Saturday.  I did some pace work in the middle of the Saturday long run.  I also did one day of cross and strength training, and foam rolled most nights. The weather here has been so, so nice in the mornings….in the mid to upper 60s.  It seems that fall is around the corner!  The morning runs have been so lovely.

The cumulative fatigue and hunger is starting to set in, so I am buckling up for the peak of marathon training to really hit in a couple of weeks.

On Sept 17th I’ll be running the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in DC with my dad as part of my training! I will be using this race as a tune up race, and will finalize my pacing strategy when we get closer to the race.  I’m feeling good about this race, though…and I’m feeling more confident that I will be ready for NYC.


I want to spend some time really talking about my fundraising this week, as it was a very impactful week in many ways.

First and foremost…I “officially” hit my $10,000 mark!!  I say “officially” because I was just counting donations through my website – not including the total raised with my hairdresser. It happened on Thursday morning during my run.  It was pouring rain and I saw the email come through on my watch.  To say I was moved would be an understatement, and I finished that run strong and on quite a high.

That evening, I went to finish off my fundraising event with my hairdresser and found out our total: $2k raised from our event!! This means that once the donation is in, I will have $12,000 raised towards my revised goal of $15,000.

To celebrate, I cut off all my hair and donated it to cancer patients!! I decided to do an undercut in the back to not only make it easier to style, but to be able to donate more hair.  Here are the before and after photos:


Yep – I can still pull it into a ponytail!  I’ve donated my hair before, but it’s been about 5 years.  This time, it was more moving of an experience.  I was thinking about the stories I’ve heard while Jen (my hairdresser) was cutting.  At one point, I made a comment about how weird it felt to have the clippers shaving down the nape when she was doing the undercut.  Jen said “Jess just think, this is what cancer patients have to do when it’s time to lose their hair”.  It was a sobering moment.

The next day, I received a text from my friend Angie.  In the text was a photo of her friend who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.  The photo was of her friend fresh from shaving her head that morning.  I was at work, alone in a conference room when I got the text…and thank goodness I was alone.  I silently sobbed for a good 10 minutes.  I’m so happy to have been able to of donated my hair, but I HATE that there is a reason I have to.

To add more soberness to my week, I found out earlier in the week that my coworker’s husband who has been battling stage IV cancer got some bad news.  Due to the prognosis, he has reached a point in his journey where he has decided to discontinue treatments and only continue with pain management.  Watching what her and her family has gone through was a big motivator for me beginning this journey, and my heart has shattered for them over and over this week.  We did some cooking this weekend, and many of us at work are bringing them some freezer meals this week.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the next few months.

Looking forward to my fundraising for the next 60 days, I have another “big” event I’m planning which I will be able to share more details about next week.  I am also planning a couple of smaller events that I need to get rolling, and will continue with my emails.  I am hoping to get $1000 from emails, $1000 from the big event, and the balance from some smaller events and selling some more hats.  I’m feeling good about hitting my new goal with some focus!

So inspired by @jessrunsatl - she raised over $10k for cancer research with @fredsteam and donated her hair! Read… Click To Tweet

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support as I’ve gone on this journey.  I will definitely be spending some time after the race really recapping my experience and sharing advice, tips, etc.  But for now, I am just so grateful to be able to do this, and for the emotional and financial support that I’ve been surrounded with as I’ve set out for this big, scary goal.  It’s been an amazing experience so far, and one that I’m looking forward to finishing out with the biggest victory lap ever….running the streets of NYC!

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  1. Congrats on a solid week of training. The cooler temps have been amazing!
    You’ve been doing such a great job fundraising for Fred’s Team. So sorry to hear about your friend’s husband and will be keeping their family in my prayers.

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