ONE WEEK Until NYC + $16,000!!!

ONE WEEK UNTIL RACE DAY!!!  And big news…I have raised $16,044 towards cancer research with Fred’s Team!!

The past two weeks have been super jam-packed and nonstop.  I cannot even begin to describe how busy I’ve been, which is why it’s been quiet around here.

I traveled to Green Bay for work, where I got some great chilly miles in on a path along the river:

I hosted a wine tasting fundraiser for my neighborhood, and raised $600 that night toward my goal!  It was a HUGE success and I was so happy at how it all came together.  I actually hosted this mid week, the same day I flew back from Green Bay…so to say I was tired the next day is an understatement.


I ran my peak week, topping it off with a 21 mile run that had a ton of donations rolling in during it:

Brian and I celebrated our THIRTEEN YEAR anniversary with an amazing steak dinner:

I held a fundraising barre class, which put me over the $16k mark:

Training-wise, I’m feeling very good.  The past few weeks everything has been clicking and I’m running some of my best miles.  I’m hitting my paces when I am doing speedwork and am very optimistic about what will happen on race day! I don’t have a specific time in mind, but I do plan to run this race giving 100%, and based on that, I do know that a PR is possible if the weather cooperates.  More on goals later this week.

If you’ve been following along, then you know that just two weeks ago, I was at just $12,800 raised for fundraising.  That means that over the past two weeks, I’ve raised over $3,000!!!! I found a new tactic that worked amazingly well – I reached out to people directly via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and Twitter DM.  Those individualized notes asking for just $5 really worked well.

I also went live on Facebook right before I started my 21 miler, and asked for donations while I was running.  This worked very well – by the end of my run I had over $400 in donations!! It was amazing to see my watch light up with notifications of another donation as I was ticking off the miles.  I’m still accepting donations, click here to make a donation!

Wow! @jessrunsatl has raised over $16k with @fredsteam to run the NYC Marathon! Read More: Click To Tweet

Taper is here in full force, and I have some extra time so I will check in a few times this week.  In the meantime, what NYC Marathon specific tips do you have for me?

Also, don’t forget to meet up with Jessie and I this weekend!! We’d love to see you whether you are running or not!

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  1. Such an inspiration…I cannot believe how much you have raised! The wine tasting looks like such a fun event, way to go 🙂

    See you on Saturday! Temps are looking good!

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