Overdue Update

It’s been a veryyyyy long time since I’ve updated.  I’m in the heat of my final semester of grad school (60 days left until I have my MBA!) so this post will have to be short.  I also likely won’t be posting a ton until the semester is over.

Some really great running-related things have happened since my last post:

1. I’m 100% recovered from my achilles injury.  It actually took until about last month to feel like I’m back to the same level of fitness, but I’m feeling great!

2. I’ve ran two more half marathons.  I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC at the end of April and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago in July and PRd both of them!

3.  I ran my first Peachtree Road Race.  This was on my 1 year runnerversary and is an Atlanta tradition.  It’s the largest 10k in the world, takes place on July 4th and about 60k runners participate!

4.  I got a Garmin watch.  And heartrate monitor.  It’s totally changed my running!

5. I started strength training.  I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my running and also, injury prevention since I’ve started training.  I’m going about 2 times a week and have gained about 8 pounds of muscle!

6.  I signed up for 26.2.  Yes…you read that correctly.  While sitting in the airport in Chicago, Christina and I signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon in March of 2015.  We’ll start training at the beginning of December, just after I’m done with my degree.

7.  I’m currently in training for the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day.  This was my first half last year, and I’m super excited to run it again!  I have a smaller races coming up, too.  I ran a 10k yesterday, I run a 15k next week, and next month I’ll be running the Atlanta 10 Miler.

8.  I took my runs international.  In May, the boyfriend and I went to the Canary Islands for a week, and then I went on to Maastrict, The Netherlands for my International module of my MBA.  I got runs in both countries!

9.  I bought a new car! I love my new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some photos from the past few months!

Run happy! Jess



The Nike Women’s Expo had a lot of cool features, like this interactive board!


Chrissy and I loved the giant “WE RUN” at the expo.  Nike totally nailed their demographic and their brand was all over this race.  So impressed!


Here we are before the race.  We started out running toward the capital building at sunrise.  The weather was a perfect 50 degrees.  Hands down my favorite race to date!


Here is a shot (via the Nike facebook page) of the race starting out.


Love this photo of Chrissy and I running.  I think this was around mile 10.


Here I am, crossing the finish line just 6 weeks after coming out of my boot.  I was so proud to run the whole thing…the feeling of accomplishment was by far the greatest of any race so far.


Here we are after the race, my Atlanta running buddy Lauren, myself, and Christina.


After the race we wore our super cute race tees and of course Tiffany necklace medals while enjoying a cold brew.


A view after my run along the coast of Lanzarote, Canary Islands.  The Canary Islands are volcanic islands which made for an amazing view on my run.


This is a view from one of my early morning runs through the Netherlands!


Then we went to Chicago and had fun at the expo before the half!


Chrissy and I at the Expo.


This race started out running toward the city.  Great race with awesome crowd support!


Here we are at the end of the race with our medals.  As usual, we were race-day twinsies.


I had the most amazing burger of my entire life in Chicago at Kuma’s Corner.  I can’t even begin to describe how delicious this thing was!! I’d fly back to Chicago just to have another one.


Here is my new car! 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, fully loaded Touring model.  Love her!

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