Product Review: Sparkly Soul Headbands

I wanted to share a new headband brand that I found and LOVE – Sparkly Soul Inc.  They have beautiful sparkle headbands that are elastic all the way around, but with a great no-slip material on the inside.

I ordered the teal thin headband as I was intrigued by the concept, since I recently found and liked Sweaty Bands (review here).  I have to say, after trying this brand, I like Sparkly Soul better.  They are snug, but since the elastic is all the way around, they aren’t as tight (so won’t cause headaches).  And, they really don’t slip!  This is a big deal for me, I always have trouble with headbands slipping.

Teal Thin(1)

 Teal Thin Headband, $15.00 (image via Sparkly Soul)


Here is the thin teal headband, holding by hair like a champ!

I’m going to order one of the thicker headbands to give them a try, too.  I only wish they had some more non-glitter bands that were patterned or even neon.  But for now, I’ll stick with the Sparkle! I’m thinking of ordering the apple green for my next half marathon, which is right after St. Patrick’s day.

What about you? Which color would you pick?

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