Richmond Marathon Training – Week 1

richmond marathon training week 1

Wahoo! It’s finally here! Marathon Training!

This week was really good.  I bumped up to running 5 days a week, and my mileage increased as well.  Here’s how this week went:

Monday: 5 miles @ 11:00 pace, hip & glute strength work.  This was a good run and a great way to start marathon training.  I worked from home, so I did my run in the morning and the strength work in the evening.

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 11:17 pace.  It was only 70 degrees out which made for a great run.  My legs felt fresh and I had to consciously hold myself back.

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 11:40 pace. Whew, this was quite the tough run.  It was super humid and I had a hard time keeping my heart rate down.  I went on the trail for the second half of this run to get away from the hills.  It helped a lot…and then, out of no where, I felt a sharp pain on my arm.  There was some sort of insect that stung me! I swatted it off and then promptly freaked out. I’ve never been stung by anything before, so I was kind of freaked that I may get an allergic reaction.  Luckily, all was fine.  I finished the run and nursed my sting.



Thursday: 55 minute barre class at Pink Barre.  This was a great class!! I got my booty handed to me but was happy to be able to keep up with the class.


Friday: 3 miles @ 12:25 pace. I did this run recovery pace, and it was so nice! I was really sore from the barre class, but it was a great way to start the day.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 11:47 pace. I went down to the trail for this run.  It was very humid, and my legs were tired and still sore from my barre class on Thursday.  I had to go very slow to make this run not miserable, but that worked and it was a pretty good run.

Sunday: Rest Day! I was originally signed up for a charity barre class, but decided to keep my rest day as a rest day! I met up with Carrie and we got foot massages….it was awesome!

Foot Massage Time

Foot Massage Time

Total Miles for the Week: 26

Overall, a solid start to marathon training.  It feels really good to be back in training for something after a few months of just maintenance mileage. I’m really looking forward to this cycle.

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I have a couple of goals for this training cycle.  My primary goal is to be able to execute my plan without getting injured.  I am really committed to doing the little things I need to do – foam rolling, proper warmups, and strength training.  I’m really hoping to stay injury free – if I can, then I know I will see great results on race day!  My time last year was 4:49, and I think I could get closer to 4:30 if all goes well during training.

From a strategy perspective, I really want to learn how to use my pace as part of my strategy on race day.  This is something I’ll be working with my coach on over the training cycle.

Week 2 will be much of the same.  How was your week of training?

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I am an official blogger for the Richmond Marathon, who has given me a complimentary entry into the 2016 Richmond Marathon.  I truly do love this race, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I am also training for Richmond as my very first marathon! I see you run 5 days a week. Just curious on what your opinion of the Furman Institute of Running & Scientific Training program where you would run 3x a week? I was thinking this could be an option since I have resistance training 3x a week with my trainer. Curious on your thoughts 😊

    • Hey Lara! I’ve only been running a few years (so really am not an expert here) and I don’t know much about this method. With anything, you have to figure out what works for YOU! I think it really depends on your goals, your current level of fitness, and your life outside of running. For my first marathon, my goal was to finish, and I used the Hal Higdon Novice plan. Now that I have more structured goals, I use a coach. I highly recommend looking into a coach or training group! Let me know if you have any questions about your first marathon!

  2. Good job! A solid week. And I am glad the bee sting wasn’t too bad… I am always afraid of getting stung.

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