Richmond Marathon Training – Week 11

Just three more long runs stand between me and the Richmond Marathon, and I’m feeling unprepared.  Missing my 20 miler last weekend has really screwed me up mentally.  The rational side of me knows that I’ll be fine, especially given the fact that I don’t have a time goal and my training had been going well up until my injury.  But the irrational (and type A) side of me is really stressing out.  Seeing my countdown for Richmond as under 30 days has me in a bit of a panic.  I feel like I have so much more training to do and not enough time.  I’ve been reminding myself of the setbacks I’ve had before in training for big races and how I ended up being fine, if not great, for each of those races.

The good news is I managed to get my foot issue figured out by the end of this week and did my long run without issue. I spent every day wearing my brace, rolling my foot with a lacrosse ball, and icing several times a day – all of these things have really helped healing.  Here is how this week went down:

Monday: 5 miles stationary bike (20 minutes), 30 minutes swim.  

I wanted to get close to an hour of cardio in, and I’m glad I split it up like this.  I hadn’t swam in awhile and truthfully was very nervous.  I wanted to swim without using my fins, and I hadn’t been too successful with this yet.  I bought a kickboard and decided to start by doing some laps with the kickboard.  When I first started with it, I hardly went anywhere.  I really concentrated on my form and tried to remember what I learned in my swim class.  I did my first 25m in almost 2 minutes (seriously….barely moving) and within 20 minutes of kicking drills I had it down to 45 seconds! I then decided to try freestyle and was happy that I was able to do it! Again, very slow, but I did about 150m freestyle. I can’t even explain how proud I was of this…and man, I was tired after! Great workout.  I went to the podiatrist afterwards.

Pool Time

Pool Time

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run @ 11:31 pace

I tried the brace the doctor gave me, but didn’t get very far before I turned around.  It supported my arch and ball of foot, but it caused some pain on a different part of my foot.  I texted my doctor and he walked me through some modifications, told me to wear it during the day to break it in, and try again the next day.

Tuesday night I went to an MBA fair in midtown Atlanta.  The Emory admissions office asked if I’d like to help talk to prospective students and I was happy to help! I got to see one of my classmates and we chatted up about 60 young professionals who are thinking of getting their MBA.  I was hoarse afterwards, but it was so much fun.  I can’t believe I’ve been done with my degree for almost a year!

Sherezad and myself at the MBA Fair

Sherezad and myself at the MBA Fair

Wednesday: 2 mile run @ 11:00 pace

Same as Tuesday, but not as bad….but there was still pain on a different part of my foot.  I talked to my doctor again via text and we came up with another solution to try Thursday.

Wednesday night Brian and I met up with some friends for pizza at Anticos…and it was hands down the best pizza I’ve ever had! I already have plans to go back next week.

Margarhita pizza with pepperoni...yum.

Margarhita pizza with pepperoni…yum.

Thursday: 5 mile run @ 10:48 pace, 30 minute strength training.

Yes! A successful run, finally! Instead of wearing the brace, I got some new insoles for my shoes – I switched up to the green superfeet.  Overall, my foot felt good during this run and I was just soooo happy to be running again.  I had a little bit of achiness towards the end of the run, but it wasn’t bad nor was it constant.  As a plus, the weather was amazing, around 50, and it was a great way to start the day.  I did 30 minutes of strength training on my lunch.

After work, I went to a Mehndi party for my friend Liz, where I got a henna tattoo on my hand for her wedding! The Mehndi party is a pre-wedding tradition where the bride and women attending the wedding get their hands and feet decorated with henna tattoos.  The artist was amazing and it was so cool to take part in a tradition of a different culture!

Getting a henna tattoo at Liz's mehndi party

Getting a henna tattoo at Liz’s mehndi party

Friday: rest day.

I was really tempted to run or do the elliptical, but I decided I didn’t want to push my luck with my foot.  I wanted to be sure it was as fresh as possible for my long run.  I had chicken, white rice, and a baked potato for dinner.

Saturday: 14 miles @ 11:29 pace

I so needed this run.  The weather was amazing (about 46 degrees and sunny) and it was great to run with Carrie again.  The trail was beautiful for our run!  We had another woman from MARC join us, Terrie, and it was great getting to know another runner.  We had amazing conversation throughout the miles, and Terrie has got to be the best storyteller I’ve ever run with.  She’s done a few Ironman races and is in great shape, so she volunteered to run our 21 with us next weekend.

Amazing weather on the silver comet trail

Amazing weather on the silver comet trail

Overall, I felt pretty good, though at times I had to slow down because I felt like I was going too fast.  My legs were a bit cold, I should have worn capris and not shorts.  My foot felt good though.  Towards the end of the run I was aware of it, but it never really hurt if that makes sense.  I had a lot of energy after the run and I could have kept going, which felt good after taking time off.  I know I only took off a little over a week, but it’s felt like longer!

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Carrie and I after our run!

Carrie and I after our run!

Saturday night, Brian and I went to the wedding I mentioned earlier.  We got to see a lot of friends and had a great time! I have to admit I was happy for the excuse to not wear heels!

At a wedding Saturday night with Brian

At a wedding Saturday night with Brian

Sunday: Rest day.

I did a lot of stretching and foam rolling today.  I intended to go to yoga, but ended up doing a lot of cleaning instead.  Also, I have to give a shout out to my friend from college, Ariana, as she ran her first marathon today!!! I had a lot of fun tracking her progress over the morning.

Total miles for the week: 22.5

What went well: getting my foot back on track.  I was really worried what it was going to feel like today, but it feels great.  I have a follow up appointment in the morning and I’m so happy I was able to get my long run in this weekend.

What didn’t: I wish I had done some more cardio throughout the week when I wasn’t running.  I tend to feel lost without a plan, and not being able to follow my training plan really threw me off this week.  I should have just made something up, but ended up resting more than I should have.

Focus for the next week: it’s peak week and I’m so nervous.  I really want this week to go well so that I can get my confidence back before the taper.  I’m nervous about jacking my mileage back up, so I’ll just have to monitor my foot very closely. I’m so anxious for this race, and I’m hoping that this week will help put me at ease.

27 days until Richmond!

Have you ever had an injury during the peak of training? Tell me about your experience!

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  1. Yay for foot issues going bye bye 🙂 Try to take a deep breath and stop stressing. Running is hard but it is supposed to be fun. One to two weeks of lower mileage doesn’t erase a great cycle of training. One missed 20-mile run is not going to change the outcome of a race. Just breathe 🙂

  2. i agree with what jesica said. you’ve had a strong training cycle and the crowd in richmond will help get you through (including me! i’ll be over near the end after i finish the half!). can’t wait to see you rock the race!

  3. So glad to hear your foot is better! I get super nervous to swim too…

    I love your striped blazer in that pic, and that pizza looks SOOO good.

    Your 14 miles sounds like it went well- I think you’ll be ready for Richmond! Hope to run into you there 🙂

    • Thanks Jessie! The blazer is from the Loft last year….I love their petite sized clothes 🙂 I just learned how to swim earlier this year so I don’t really enjoy it yet, but I’m getting better!! 🙂

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