Richmond Marathon Training – Week 13

13 weeks down and 14 days to go.

Even though my longest run was finished last week, this really wasn’t a taper week, though my mileage did go down a bit. I was a little stressed about this week because I was travelling for work, which always makes it more challenging to eat well and find time for workouts. However, I was really successful this week in getting everything in that I needed to and feel good about nutrition overall.

Here is how this week played out:

Monday – 3 miles easy

When I woke up it was raining really hard and I just didn’t feel like running in the rain for just a three mile easy run. I hit the treadmill and knocked out the miles around an 11 minute pace.

Runner’s World posted this photo and it really hit home for me.  I’ve been doing a lot of visualization of race day and am really trying to feel success, not just visualize it.  With every run I’m able to get closer to that feeling!

Image Via Runners World

Image Via Runners World

After work, I saw Tony Adams at Georgia Sports Chiropractic for a sports massage. It was great and I felt like I had a whole new set of legs when I left!!  I have another appointment with him the Monday before the marathon.

Tuesday – rest and travel day

I flew to a small town in Northwest Arkansas for work and got a lot of airport steps in.  I stretched and foam rolled that evening in my hotel room.

Wednesday – 5 miles @ 11:16 pace
I got up early and did this run before work. I just followed the sidewalk from my hotel and happened upon the Razorback Greenway, which is a pedestrian & bike path. In a running first, I saw a herd of deer on my run! This run felt a lot harder than it should have and I started having IT band pain at the end which freaked me out.

One thing I love about staying at the Embassy Suites is their free cooked to order breakfast.   They also had chocolate milk, which I grabbed a big glass of after my run and it really hit the spot!



I took an Epsom salt bath that evening and spent a lot of time stretching, foam rolling, and working out tight areas with a lacrosse ball.

Thursday – 30 mins strength training, 7 mile tempo run. Splits: 11:55/11:38/10:52/10:25/9:54/9:15

When I first went out to do this run I wasn’t sure I was going to do a fast workout and if I did, what it would be.  I’ve been trying to go easier on the speed work as to not aggregate my foot, and I was a bit freaked out from my IT band pain the day before. After a couple miles I just tried to pick up the pace a bit, and as I got more warmed up I just kept pushing. The end result was running each mile about 30 seconds faster than the last. It really helped loosen up my legs too, and got rid of that IT band pain which is weird but I’ll take it. I got to run under the light of the nearly full moon and I even saw a shooting star!

During the day, we drove over to Oklahoma where I got to tour a papermill and see the converting lines where we turn the paper into consumer products like toilet paper and paper towels….it was really freaking awesome! The facility was huge so I got lots of additional steps in.  Before dinner back at the hotel, I was able to squeeze in a quick 30 minute strength workout in the fitness center. I focused on legs and core.

After dinner, another Epsom salt bath, stretching, and foam rolling.

Friday – rest day and travel back to Atlanta. 

When I arrived home, I had a lot of goodies waiting for me! Not only did my bib and shirt arrive in the mail, but also my restock of fuel and clif bars.  Additionally, I had a surprise waiting for me from Pearl Izumi, NEW SHOES!


I contacted them a couple of weeks ago to see if I could order the newest color of the model of my shoes early.  The new colors don’t launch until December, and mint green is my favorite color at the moment, so I was really hoping to have them for the race since I need a new pair anyways.  They asked for my size and said they’d see what they could do….and then these just showed up on my doorstep!  I was beyond excited to get these and I’m so looking forward to owning Richmond in them.

Skipper got to spend time with all his friends at the Best Little Doghouse this week since Brian was also travelling. They did a costume contest and all the dogs dressed up. Skipper made an adorable piece of bacon!  So adorable that he won his size group in the costume contest!



I did some stretching and foam rolling before bed.

Only two weeks until the @Sportsbackers Richmond Marathon! Time to get #RichmondReady Click To Tweet

Saturday: 14 miles at 11:04 pace

Ahhhhh another amazing run! I was pretty sore from my strength session Thursday night still, so I spent extra time doing warmups before we headed out.  It took a few miles to really loosen up, but once I did, it felt great.

Since this was the last double digit training run, I tested a few new things.  I tried a new salt pill my coach has been using, Replace SR Sustained Release Electrolyte tablets for Rapid Rehydration.  These salt pills slow release over the course of 4-6 hours, so you don’t have to mess with pills during your run.  I really liked these and am super excited to use these on race day.

I also tested out new pants from Athleta that have pockets on the side, they were great! I just don’t know what the weather will be on race day, though.

New pants and shoes

New pants and shoes

The run was lovely and the fall foliage was beautiful.  We were able to maintain a very consistent pace and started speeding up at the end.  A couple weeks ago I was scheduled to do the last 3 miles at marathon pace but didn’t do that because of my foot issues.  I’ve been feeling good, so I decided to go for it.  I ran the last three what I thought was a teeny faster than marathon pace, but it ended up being nearly a minute faster, which was a big confidence boost.

Beautiful day at the river

Beautiful day at the river

After the run, I met up with my friend Amanda for breakfast, and that afternoon Carrie and I went to get foot massages to celebrate the last double-digit training run of this cycle!

Sunday: I’ll do some active recovery and then go to the Falcons game with Brian, along with a bath and more rolling and stretching.

Total miles for the week: 29

What went well: Staying on track while travelling and getting rid of some random aches.

What didn’t: I’m pretty happy with this week, no complaints over here!

Goals for next week: the true taper starts. I’m going to focus as much as I can on hydration, good food, and getting my body really rested. I’ll also start finalizing all the logistics for race weekend!

If you’re running the Richmond Marathon or half, email me as I’m planning a meet up Friday at the expo!

How did your training go this week? Any tips for staying on track while travelling?

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