Richmond Marathon Training – Week 15

Less than 3 weeks to go! I’m going to be honest here, my dedication slipped a little this week.  I am in the middle of a big project at work that is requiring that I give way more effort there than normal and 200% focus.  This is going to last at least the next month, so to say I’m ready for some downtime over the holidays is an understatement.  I tried my best to get some work towards my marathon training in every day and I’m simply not going to beat myself up too much over it.  We are in the final stretch and I’m not going to be gaining fitness these last few weeks.

In exciting news, my bib for the race came this week, making it much more real that I’m doing this thing in a few weeks!  Here is how the week went:

Monday: 7 miles @ 11:26 pace, 30 minutes strength training.  A decent morning run, though the run felt harder at this pace than I would have liked.

Tuesday: 4 recovery miles @ 12:28 pace.  I concentrated on going slow which is always challenging to go slower than your body wants to!

Wednesday: 2 ish miles.  I’m regretting how this run went and am embarrassed to write this, but I literally just gave up 2 miles in to this speed workout.  I waited until noon to do this workout and it was over 80, which made it super miserable.  I tried to talk myself into it, but my head just wasn’t there and I simply wanted to quit way more and I wanted to push forward, and there really is no excuse for it.  Moving on….

I got a 90 minute sports massage after work which was awesome.

Thursday: Cross training. Another crazy day at work meant that I could only get in 30 minutes, so I worked harder than I normally do on the stationary bike to make it count.  Skipper enjoyed the fall weather in the backyard that afternoon:


Friday: Rest Day. I focused my energy on eating well and hydrating to get ready for my big run on Saturday.

Saturday: 21 miles @ 10:56 pace.  Splits: 11:42 / 10:54/ 11:20/ 11:27/ 11:37/ 12:10/ 11:26/ 11:23/ 11:12/ 11:23/ 10:58/ 10:19/ 10:45/ 11:09/ 11:02/ 10:21/ 10:30/ 10:37/ 9:48/ 9:53/ 9:27

This was a great run! During the first half my IT band/glute felt tight. I stopped halfway through at my car, used my stick roller and stretched, and then I felt so much better. The weather was perfect – 45 degrees to start, 52 to finish with a breeze. I felt good the rest of the day – no pain or soreness in my legs. It was probably the best I’ve felt after a long run!!


Sunday: The plan today is to do 4 miles at recovery pace.  I also have to do a lot of work today, but I will end the day with an anniversary dinner with Brian at one of our favorite restaurants.

Total miles for the week: 37

Only a couple weeks left until race week! I’m so excited to see what I can do on race day.  How’s your training going?

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  1. Great training week!!!! And oh my gosh when I saw the temperature on your saturdays long run, it gave me chills!!! That’s so cold!!!!

    I wish you the best at your upcoming marathon! You’ll do great 🙂

    • Haha I guess for you it would be cold! Its chilly to start but after a couple of miles you warm up and it’s really nice. Its my favorite running weather!

    • Skipper LOVES cooler weather! He’s been spending a lot of time outside. 🙂 Chrissy and I are roommates for race weekend (Brian is going to stay with his dad) and we are staying a couple of blocks from the start 🙂

  2. You nailed your long run this week (as always), congrats!

    I totally understand wha you mean about your head not being in the run you did earlier this week. Sometimes our legs are just like “no thank you”, lol.

    • Thanks Kimberly! Honestly, I’m feeling a little burnt out this week with work and training. I can’t wait for some time off!!

  3. Your week looks great! I usually find that if your mind or body is really fighting a workout it’s because you really needed a break, who knows you may have avoided injury =)

    • Thanks Beth!! Yes, I’m getting a bit burnt out but honestly it’s more work than anything. I need my vacation to get here. Lol

    • Yes, I’m sad I won’t see you! I’ll be in DC a couple of times next year, maybe we could meet up 🙂

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