Richmond Marathon Training – Week 2

richmond marathon training week 2

Week two was another solid week!  My body is getting adjusted to running 5 days a week, and I’m really enjoying training again.  Here’s how this week went:

Monday: 5 miles @ 11:35 pace, hip & glute strength training.  This run was hard, I struggled to keep my heart rate down so I had to take a couple of walk breaks.  It wasn’t miserable, but not great either.  I got it done.  I ran my route in reverse and liked it so much better!  I did hip & glute strength training in the evening.


Tuesday: 4 miles @ 11:40 pace. My legs felt good and fresh for this run, but again, it wasn’t anything special.

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 11:29 pace, 4 x 20 second striders.  Finally, an easy run that felt easy! This was a great run which surprised me since it was my third day in a row running.  I finished with striders after the run, and it felt good to get my legs moving.  I’m excited to start speedwork in a few weeks!

In other exciting news, we finally got our fence put up!! This has been on our “to do” list since we bought the house.  In the coming weeks we will stain it, and now, I’m tired just thinking about it.  Anyways, Skipper is still a little confused but he loves being out there…and it’s so nice to just let him hang out there while I get stuff done around the house.



Thursday: 30 minutes stationary bike, 20 minute rowing strength workout. Cross training day! I did a 30 minute rolling hills program on the bike, then made up my own strength workout that included row sprints, walking lunges (with 2 x 8lb weights), squats (also with the weights), and monster walks.  My legs were on fire by the end!


Friday: 4 miles @ 12:35 pace.  My glutes were so sore from my workout the day before!  I met my neighbor who has been wanting to get back into running.  She brought her adorable dog and the miles flew by.  Another great run!

Saturday: 10 miles @ 12:10 pace.  This was a tough but solid run.  We started at 6am and it was a total sweatfest still.  I ended up stripping my shirt off halfway through, and it helped a lot.  Overall I felt good during this run once I realized I was going to have to slow it way down to keep my heart rate down.  During the last couple of miles my legs were very tired, but I still managed to stay consistent.  I am definitely proud of this run!


Later that afternoon I got a 90 minute sports massage which felt awesome.

Sunday: Rest day.  2 mile recovery walk.  I took Skipper out before it got too hot and got some steps in.  And yes, I definitely played Pokemon on the walk…

Total Miles for the Week: 29

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The next few weeks will be around 30 miles, which feels good because this week was definitely doable.  I am going through an alarming amount of laundry right now though, and my appetite is definitely there.

This week coming up will be a little challenging as there is a lot going on.  I am travelling to Arkansas for work tomorrow morning, and my family is coming to visit at the end of the week! I’m looking forward to them seeing the house and taking them around Atlanta!!

How was your week of training?

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how some runs can be better than others for no true reason like your Weds run? I have been noticing that lately too.

    • Yep, I typically find that it is often determined by my diet the night before (or earlier that day if training in the evening). Or, it is determined by how hard I’ve trained the days leading up to the “bad” run. Usually, a day of rest does the trick afterwards.

    • I know!!! I’ve been tracking a lot of things to try to pinpoint what impacts my runs more than others. I think the humidity has been a huge factor recently.

  2. Congrats on a great 2nd week Jess! And, way to go with the creativity of the strength workout. As much as I love the weekly training runs, I need to work in strength training (more than the occasional push-ups/sit-ups). This was Week 1 of my Richmond training program (27 miles total). It was a good week at a 8:40 average pace. It’s been incredibly hot here in Baltimore the past week, averaging about 92 – 95 degrees, but what makes it difficult is the 75% humidity. It makes breathing that much more difficult.
    I look forward to your next post. In the interim, good luck with staining that fence.

    • That sounds about the same as here, except the humidity has been around 95%! I do my runs in the morning which helps. I’m trying to do strength training twice a week this cycle, I know it makes a big difference. Thanks for stopping by!

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