Richmond Marathon Training – Week 4

One month of marathon training is complete! Overall I’m feeling good and am starting to get into a nice rhythm. I am really pleased with how the past week went.  The weather has been much better, most mornings in the upper 60s.  It’s still humid, but that 5-10 degree dip in temperature has made a huge difference.

Monday: Plan – 3 miles. Actual – rest day. Since I moved my long run to Sunday, I considered just doing these as recovery miles. Given how achy I was feeling Sunday I decided to take a rest day. I was happy that I woke up feeling pretty good, not sore, and was grateful for a rest day.

Tuesday: Plan – 5 miles, 5 x 30 second hard effort with 3 minutes easy in between during miles 3-4, strength training. Actual – 5 miles at 11:05 pace, 45 minutes strength training.

We finally have started having cooler mornings and I was really excited to get out the door for this one. This morning was in the mid 60s and felt like fall! The sprints went well except that I started them after my watch told me I hit 3 miles…so I started them a mile later than I should have. Oops.

This is how I feel about cooler weather!!

This is how I feel about cooler weather!!

I had a short lunch break so I went to the gym in my building right after work. It was surprisingly empty and since I wasn’t crunched for time I did a little extra strength work, focusing on legs.

Wednesday: Planned – active recovery and/or restorative yoga. Actual – 30 minutes stationary bike, restorative yoga.

I hit the bike on my lunch break which allowed me to sleep in a bit. Restorative yoga was wonderful as I was so sore from my strength training, and the teacher’s voice was so soothing it nearly put me to sleep.

Thursday: Planned – Strength training + 6 mile pace run: 2 miles easy pace, 2 miles at mid tempo pace (9:37), 2 miles easy.  Actual – 30 mins strength training and 6 miles (splits: 11:34/11:08/9:37/9:32/11:05/10:58)

Nailed it! I did this run as an out and back and I knew it would be tough. The third miles is mostly downhill and the whole mile I was thinking about how challenging mile four was going to be going back up. It was very challenging…my legs and lungs were burning, but I nailed it. I was so proud of myself after this run!

My legs were really sore still from Tuesday’s strength, so I focused on upper body and core on my lunch break. I finally saw another woman in the weight room so I didn’t feel so out of place.

Friday: Planned – rest day. Actual – deep stretch yoga.

This yoga class has to be my favorite at Infinity Yoga. After a week of running it really loosens up my legs. I had chicken and a baked potato for dinner.

Saturday: Planned – 10 miles easy. Actual – 10 miles @ 11:34 pace.

Carrie met me early and we did a 10 mile out and back close to my house, since Brian and I had to meet someone at 10 am across the city. It’s so great how quickly the miles flew by with the company! Before the run I had just two hard boiled eggs and a salt pill, and then had a Mango Huma Gel and another salt pill around 50 minutes into the run. I drank a ton of water as it was pretty hot for this run, the hottest of the week. I was grateful for the shorter distance this week!

I felt good after the run and didn’t even nap on Saturday, which is surprising because Brian and I did a lot of walking that day!

Sunday: Plan – 2 miles recovery. Actual – 2 miles at 11:28 pace.

I woke up to really bad storms and I thought I was going to have to hit the treadmill. I delayed it and enjoyed the rain by lounging on the couch with a cup of coffee.  However, the rain cleared and left temps in the 60s behind. This was a great run and I enjoyed going later in the day!

Skipper enjoyed the lazy morning.

Skipper enjoyed the lazy morning.

Total miles for the week: 23

What went well: I’m finally getting the hang of my new schedule and routine.  I’ve found some ways to streamline my morning routine and have been getting out the door a bit earlier. I utilized the gym at work three times and it made it so much easier to get the workouts in! I also did a lot better with my nutrition.

What I’d like to work on: I did better about foam rolling and stretching, but only slightly. My quads and calves have been super tight and I need to take better care of them.  My knee has still been a bit cranky and I know this is a factor.

Week 5 should be pretty straightforward, and I’ll cap off the week with a 15 miler. The following week will be nuts! I’ll be travelling to Bentonville, AR for work and flying back in the night before my half marathon training run. I’m hoping that the cooler weather will continue in Atlanta and that the worst of the heat and humidity is behind us!

75 days to go!

Any suggestions of where to run in Bentonville?

What’s the weather been like by you?

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  1. Nice job on a solid week and good work on your Thursday run. Keep it up and keep paying attention to those little things like stretching, foam rolling, strength training, sleep, nutrition and proper warm-up/cool-down, etc. that add up to make huge differences. xo

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