Richmond Marathon Training – Week 5

Hello! How was your week? I had another solid week of training.  I am really enjoying this training cycle and have truly been motivated for just about every workout.  I find myself looking forward to my next workout, even when things get a little tough.

This week, I had a lot of tightness in my quads.  I took a break on strength training, as I think the barre classes are burning out my legs just a little too much when combined with my marathon training.  Next week, I’ll dial back the intensity before cranking it up again.

I have a couple of announcements, so make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check them out!

Monday: 6 miles @ 11:30 pace. My legs were heavy and tight for this run, so I tried to take it easy.  I felt a lot better the second half of the run after my body loosened up a bit.


Tuesday: 3 miles @ 11:46 pace.  A rainy run!! Probably my first of the summer, and it was very welcome.  It was a light, drizzly rain and so refreshing, truly a nice break from the heat.

Wednesday: 30 minutes stationary bike.  I had my 5 mile run on deck, but I work up with extreme tightness in my calves and quads (to the point my knee felt tight too), so decided to switch and do my cross-training this day to give my legs a break.  I did 30 mins on the bike very easy and spent a lot of time stretching and rolling.

Thursday: 5 miles with informal speedwork – 1.5 mile warmup, 7 x 30 second sprints with 2:00 recovery between each, easy for the balance of the run.  This was a tough run.  I felt okay during the warmup and the first 3 sprints, but starting with the 4th sprint I had to walk a small part of the recovery.  I did all the sprints, but had to walk a few times on the way back to my house during the last bit of the run, I just couldn’t keep my heart-rate down.  I was proud of this run though and that I was able to finish the workout!

Friday: 3 recovery miles @ 11:49 pace. This run felt really good and I was glad to get some miles in to loosen up my legs.  My friends Christina and Brooke came into town, and we convinced Brian to grill us up some steak.  An early bedtime with a full belly for me!

Saturday: 14 miles @ 11:41 pace. This was a solid run, despite being a little tough physically, I felt very strong mentally.  I did this run solo, and tried listening to podcasts for the first time on a run….I really liked it a lot!! I will definitely be listening to more podcasts on long runs in the future.

After the post-run recovery, the girls and I went and got foot massages, pizza, and gelato.  It was a great way to cap off Saturday!

14 miles on my favorite trail

14 miles on my favorite trail

Foot Massages!

Foot Massages!




Strawberry Gelato...yummmm

Strawberry Gelato…yummmm


Sunday: Rest day.  The girls and I made bacon, pancakes, and mimosas while we watched the Women’s Olympic Marathon.  I plan to do a lot of stretching tonight to gear up for another week of training!

Total miles for the week: 31

Next week will have an extra rest day since my body has been so tight, and I have some work travel…so the timing is good.  I’m looking forward to week 6 of training!

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A couple of announcements:

Next week is our Atlanta Training run for the Richmond Marathon and Half Marathon!! Come join my running group for your choice of miles and pace –  more details here.

I am starting a weekly linkup with my friend Jessie from The Right Fits! Each week, we will have a linkup for other “week in review” type training posts.  Link up below, and check out some more training recaps!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great training week! I hope that your quads feel better this week.

    I love the idea of getting a massage after a long run – I feel like I might do this after my long runs go past 13 miles.

    • Thanks!!! Yes they are feeling much better this week. Foot massages are an amazing treat after really long runs!!

  2. I’m so excited for this linkup! Thanks for organizing it! I love reading others’ recaps and picking up ideas for recovery, fueling, variety, etc to add into my own training.

  3. Thanks for starting the link-up! It’s always so helpful to read different training recaps for some perspective. I’ve been thinking about getting a foot massage and this post pretty much has convinced me that needs to happen this week.

    • Oh gosh, foot massages are so great! There are a lot of places here that offer 60 minutes for only $30!!!

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