Richmond Marathon Training – Week 7

Another week down and another week of solid training! I’m so excited to see my work paying off! Here is how this week went:

Monday: 7 miles @ 11:46 pace, hip + glute exercises. I tried a new route, it was very hilly with lots of slow long inclines. It was finally a bit cooler (only 71 degrees!) and I went out a bit too fast.  Bottom line – this run wasn’t fantastic.  It wasn’t terrible, but I ran it a little too fast.

Catching the sunrise

Catching the sunrise

Tuesday: 45 minutes stationary bike, rolling hills program. An easy cross training day, but I did have a hard time getting out of bed.  I think the longer runs on Mondays are really taking it out of me.

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 11:46 pace, 6 x 20 second striders. This run felt easy, my legs felt great! I again had a hard time getting out of bed but had plenty of energy once I was up.

Thursday: 45 minutes stationary bike, rolling hills program. I chose to do this in the evening so I could sleep in a little.

Friday: Rest day! I had an alarming amount of energy (probably because I had two cross training days).  I took an epsom salt bath and went to bed….but I had a hard time falling asleep! I didn’t end up getting to sleep until close to midnight, which means I only got about 4 hours of sleep before my 5k.

Saturday: 1 mile warmup; 5k race (26:37 – new PR!). I was nervous for this race.  Believe it or not, this is the first 5k I’ve actually “raced”. I’ve done some for fun, but not for time.  My best 5k time was actually from a speed test last summer.  At any rate, I was so happy that I was able to pull out this time, which is a whole minute faster than the 5k test I ran at the beginning of this training cycle.  I was especially happy because it was very hot and humid (around 76 degrees…ugh).  I’ll be posting a full recap on this race later this week.

Shirt and Medal

Shirt and Medal

Later, I ran some errands and did a little shopping, including hitting up the Atlanta Track Club Mizuno Warehouse sale! I got some great pieces for winter running and a new track club tee for very, very cheap!

Sunday: 16 miles @ 11:37 pace. I was very, very, nervous for this run.  I thought that after my 5k that this would be tough physically.  In addition, I was running it by myself, and it was the first 16 miler of this cycle.  I got up very early and did the first 7 on my normal weekday route before the sun came up, and timed finishing those 7 to the sunrise and I hit the silver comet trail for the last 9.  Breaking it up like this was a big help mentally! I was really surprised because this run overall, felt really good.  My legs were definitely tired but I was pleased with how this one went.

So, something kind of scary happened during the first part of my run.  I was heading down a street and I saw…a wild coyote! Just crossing the street! It was about a tenth of a mile ahead of me, and was going in the opposite direction, so it didn’t see me.  It no joke scared the crap out of me though. I turned around and was looking over my shoulder for the next 10 minutes or so. I’ve heard that there were wild coyotes in our area (there have even been a few spotted in our neighborhood) but I’ve never seen them myself.  I promptly went home and ordered some pepper spray off of Amazon!

I spent the rest of the day recovering.  I ordered my groceries from InstaCart and then made up some stuff for the week.  I tried a new recipe out of Run Fast Eat Slow, a quinoa recovery salad….and of course, it was delicious!


Total Miles for the Week: 32

Overall, another great week! I really focused hard on nutrition this week and I can tell it made a big difference with my energy levels.  I’m going to try my best to keep it up the rest of the training cycle.

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This next week is a regular training week, and then I have two exciting weekends coming up! My best friend from college and her husband are coming to visit over labor day weekend, and then the next weekend is a girls weekend to run the Diva’s Half Marathon! I’m excited for this race as it will be a good tune up for me and an opportunity to test my new paces after my 5k this past weekend.  If I’m able to hit my goal paces, it will be a big PR for me.  More on that when it gets closer though.

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How was your week? Ever run into large wild animals on your run? Have you checked out Run Fast Eat Slow yet?



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  1. You are killing it this training cycle – congrats! So glad that you had an awesome long run this weekend but sorry about the coyote scare!
    That Mizuno Warehouse sale sounds AMAZING! I wish I had one on my area!

  2. Congrats on your 5k PR and in the HUMIDITY- wow!

    Happy to hear about your strong 16 miler too. I definitely think it helps to break up a run like that into pieces.

    I have seen coyotes in Minneapolis- freaks me out too even though apparently they are pretty skittish/timid. There was, however, a rabid fox recently though on my normal route that was attacking runners! Here’s the article:

    The SCARIEST thing I have ever seen is a black bear at the cabin up north. Again they are generally scared of you, but I was VERY freaked out.

    I do see deer and turkeys…I guess there’s kind of a lot of wildlife here!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one that sees wildlife! I was doing some reading and apparently coyotes in suburban areas can become desensitized to humans particularly if people leave food out. But generally, like you said, are skittish. At any rate, I will be prepared next time! And oh my gosh…..a black bear?!

  3. Hey Jess, awesome job on that 5K!! PR’s are so hard to obtain, so good for you. I typically run at sunrise, just about the time that the two red fox’s (they are beautiful) in my neighborhood are calling it a night. However, I think we’ve come to a “subliminal” agreement. That is, when I’m anywhere within 100 yds. of them, they haul butt back into the woods. Sometimes, they actually stand in the middle of the road, staring at me as I approach like a deer in headlights. About 100 yds. away, they take off. I paused the first few times is happened, now I kind of expect to see them (and I’m a bit disappointed when they are not there).

  4. Excited to follow your blog! 1) congrats on the new PR! That’s awesome — even on little sleep 🙂 2) I love Atlanta! (that’s all — ha!) 3) I also love Instacart. It’s a game changer

    • Hi Hyedi, thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I will probably be using instacart a lot more later in this training cycle!!!

    • Thanks Jes! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good running and it is making me EXTRA excited and motivated!

  5. Oh my gosh a 5K PR followed by a great 16 miler. That is awesome.
    I have spotted coyotes here too.
    Someone told me that unlike dogs they are really terrified of people and will run away. Hope that is true.

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