Rock N Roll Chicago Training – Week 12


Yes, I’m officially excited now! This week was great for me in that I really got super excited for this race for the first time since we started training.  During all my runs this week, at some point in the run, I started envisioning the race.  Not intentionally, it just happened, and it really made my runs more enjoyable.

In addition, I (mostly) met my goal of eating well, and eating real food every meal, and foam rolling each night.  Thursday night didn’t meet all of those things, but otherwise, I was successful, and I definitely felt the difference in my runs.

I also started making some plans for training for my next Marathon, but more on that in a few weeks!!

Here’s how my week went:

Monday: Planned, 4 miles + strength.  Actual, 4 miles + strength training.  My RHR was low when I woke up so I knew this run was going to be good.  I had a hard time holding myself back! Strength training was good, as always!

Tuesday: Planned, cross training.  Actual, rest day.  I accidentally snoozed through my alarm and thought I could hit the cross training in the evening, but I forgot I had plans, so cross training didn’t happen.  Instead, I went to Yeah! Burger with my friend Christy and some other runners for dinner. That night, 10% of sales went to Kilometer Kids, a local running organization.  The burger was great…but the brussel sprouts I had on the side were PHENOMENAL!

All of us at Yeah! Burger

All of us at Yeah! Burger

Wednesday: Planned – 5 Miles Speedowork.  Actual – 4 mile hilly run, yoga.  It was SUPER hot when I woke up (78 degrees at 5am…what the heck!) and I just wasn’t feeling the speedwork, so I decided to hit the hills instead.  I managed to run through a few sprinklers which helped.  My body felt strong but the heat really got to me.

Wednesday night I took a new class at my yoga studio called “Yoga Stretch”.  It was amazing!! I really loved the teacher and the class was the perfect mid-week class for me.  It’s officially in my rotation now.

Thursday: Planned – 5 miles recovery pace.  Actual – 4 miles.  It was nice and cool out (upper 60s!) and the run felt great.  I had a hard time going “easy” and holding myself back again, so I just decided to cut the run short.  After work, I had to spend some time cleaning the house because Brian came home!!

Friday: Planned – Rest day.  Actual – Rest day.  I love “sleeping in” on Friday mornings!!  Brian and I went to dinner after work and had a really nice meal.  Brian told me about the little bit of running he’s been doing while he’s in Boston, and really surprised me when he said he scouted out a route for me for when I visit him next month.  Brian’s always been supportive of my running, but not an active participant in the training.  I think he’s starting to get a bit more of an appreciation for my training which is nice! I’m looking forward to doing the route he planned out for me in a couple of weeks.

Saturday: Planned – 10 miles.  Actual – 10 miles.  I met Amy in Midtown.  I really wanted to run part of the Peachtree course since we’ve been doing a lot of flatter running recently.  It rained right before we started running and so there was a nice cool breeze! We ran north on Peachtree and covered the first 5 miles of the course in reverse, then ran south to cover the first 5 miles of the course.  The route was super hilly (more of the long, gradual hills) and it definitely made it more challenging. My IT band felt tight during the run which to be frank, was alarming.  Besides that, I felt REALLY STRONG during this run.  We took the pace easy because of the hills, but I was able to have a fast finish and still had a lot of gas in the tank.  It was also my last double digit training run until marathon training starts in August!!!



I spent time Saturday foam rolling and stretching.  Brian and I went to dinner and had a little friendly darts tournament at our place.  Too bad I’ve suddenly gotten terrible at darts!

Sunday: Planned – Rest/Yoga.  Actual – 3 mile walk, Yoga for Runners.  I woke up today feeling very tight all over, especially my IT band.  Brian and I took Skipper to the river and went on a long walk together.  The weather was cool and it was so nice to share one of my favorite trails with Brian.

I got a lot more loose during my yoga class, and an epsom salt bath tonight also helped loosen up my legs.  I’m going to take some extra yoga this week and move the foam rolling two times a day to work out whatever is going on with my body.  I need to get it all in check since the race is in only 3 weeks!

This next week is a short week at work because of the holiday! I’m so excited to see Christina for the Peachtree Road Race this weekend.  My goals for this week are the same as last week: eat well, foam roll/stretch every day.  I also am going to swap out a run with cross training since I skipped last week, so I’ll cross train two times this week.  It’s a fall back week with mileage and I’m going to really focus on starting to get my body ready for the last week of training before the taper.

How was your week? Any plans to race this holiday weekend?

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