Rock N Roll Chicago – Training Week 2 Recap

Hello! We are currently on our way back to Atlanta after spending my birthday weekend in Hilton Head, SC.  It was such a relaxing weekend!

This past week of training I finally got my running mojo back.  I was supposed to start training for Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon the week prior, but was still easing back into things. I went full force this week and it felt good to kick my own butt a bit. Here’s how the week shook out:

Monday: Planned- 4 miles & strength. Actual- 4 miles, 45 mins strength, 30 mins swim lesson

I did the run and strength in the morning. I didn’t have a hint of IT band issues. I was still wearing my brace and had decided I would until I went a whole week without issues.  I asked my trainer for extra glute work to help my IT band and boy did she deliver. My legs were really tired going to swim that night. I made some progress in my freestyle and was completely exhausted when I got home.

Tuesday: Planned – 45 mins cross training. Actual – 30 mins yoga.

Since I swam the night before I decided to take a rest day of sorts and did 30 mins of yoga that morning, followed by foam rolling. Doing yoga in our apartment is awkward because the only place to do it is all out in the open, so I made Brian promise not to look at me. I can’t wait to get into a house this fall and set up a home gym!

Wednesday: Planned – 4 miles speed work. Actual: 4 miles, 45 mins strength, 30 mins swim lesson. 

Another solid run with no IT band issues.  I briefly considered bailing because it was supposed to rain, but then I remembered I ran a marathon in the rain.  So I just packed spare clothes to change into for strength in case it rained…and it didn’t rain! Strength focused on inner thigh and quads, and once again my legs were nice and tired for swimming. I made significant progress on my freestyle!

Thursday: planned – 4 miles. Actual – rest. 

After a triple workout again on Wednesday, my body really needed a break. I decided to move my rest day from Friday.  I was a little cranky during the day but I think it was the right call for my body.

Friday: Planned – rest.  Actual – 4 miles. 

I was off of work so I slept in and headed out after the sun came up. It was so nice to run in daylight! I listened to a Boy Band mix on Rock My Run and it really got me pumped for my four day weekend! I once again did not have any IT band issues and my endurance was much better.

After my run we packed up the car and drove to Hilton Head for the weekend. We had dinner at this awesome little hole in the wall place called the Sea Shack and it was LEGIT. Who doesn’t love fried seafood??


Saturday: Planned – 6 miles. Actual – 6 miles. 

We started the day with a walk on the beach. It was overcast and was supposed to rain later so we wanted to get some time by the water in. Skipper had so much fun running around the beach!


Afterward, I laced up for my run. I was a little nervous going out for this run since it was the longest run since my marathon and I wasn’t sure how my IT band was going to do. It was HOT and HUMID. Thankfully though Hilton Head is nice and flat! There is this awesome pedestrian and bike path that goes around the whole island, so you can just run and not worry about mapping out a route. The first three or so miles were pretty rough, but once I hit mile 4 my body got into a good rythym and I finished strong. No IT band issues!

Afterwards, Brian and I went to lunch and I talked him into taking me to the local running store for a souvenir. I got a “Run Hilton Head” T-shirt. It’s not DRI fit or women’s cut, but definitely a very comfy post long run shirt. We wrapped up the day with more beach time and a nice dinner.


Sunday: Planned – Rest. Actual – Rest and light walking. 

My birthday!!!! It was raining when we first woke up so we just relaxed and were lazy. Brian made me breakfast and coffee and we had a great morning together. The sun started to come out later so we took Skipper back to the beach for a bit. It was so nice and cool, so we were able to just hang out with Skipper on the beach for a couple hours. I just love how relaxing the beach is! We had lunch and spent some more time at the beach in the afternoon before some more rainstorms moved in.


Brian took me to a fantastic dinner at Red Fish for my birthday.  It was the best meal we had all weekend! It was a low-key birthday, but exactly what I needed! It was so nice to unwind and spend time with my boys.

Overall, I was really pleased with my training this week. I feel like I finally have gotten my running mojo back and am looking forward to this training cycle. This week, the IT band brace will come off, but I’m not going to do speed work just yet. I’ll focus on more strength building to be sure my IT band is good to go for the rest of training. 89 days til Chicago!

Ps…I wrote this entire post on a cell phone in the car. It was a great way to kill time!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great weekend and very relaxing too 🙂 Great idea on the boy band mix for running – I feel like that would get me pumped for a run.

    On a side note, I also hate doing yoga at home because I feel so awkward, especially if my fiancé is at home! I make him go to another room if I can, haha.

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