Rock N Roll Chicago Training – Week 3

Wow! What a week! I’ve been super busy with my workouts this week and overall was pleased that I was able to stick to my schedule. I’m feeling more and more recovered from my marathon and IT band injury which also made me happy.  I really REALLY did poorly with nutrition this week though. We’re talking skimping on breakfasts, eating out for lunch, eating junk for snacks, etc. This is definitely a result of being out of town last weekend and not food prepping.  I’ve also found that the more crap food I eat, the more I crave it.  Here’s how the week shook out:

Monday: Planned- 4 Miles, Actual- 4 Miles.  This run was on our last day in Hilton Head.  It wasn’t as hot (65) but still humid.  I didn’t wear my IT band brace and didn’t have any issues.  My endurance was better and I ran a 10:16 average pace.  Afterwards, we went to the beach for one last walk and then packed up.  We got breakfast and then drove back to Atlanta.

IMG_20150420_075430356First run of my 30s!

Tuesday: Planned-Cross Training. Actual-30 minute walk with Skipper. I had an early meeting at work so I didn’t get to do my cross training in the morning.  I had planned to do some swimming after work but got stuck there later than I would have liked, and we still needed groceries.  So, I opted to go to Kroger to pick up a few things and then took Skipper on a nice long walk.  It was really nice out and it was good to spend some time with him.  I’m bummed I missed swimming but at least I got something in.

Wednesday: Planned-4 miles + strength. Actual-4 miles + strength + 30 mins yoga. This morning’s run was great because it was very chilly, about 45 degrees which I loved! I had to wear a jacket! I ran my last mile at 9:34 because I was feeling so good, and it was my fastest mile since the marathon.  For strength training I asked for extra glute work and my trainer once again delivered. Overall, great workout.  That evening, Phidippides hosted a free 30 minute yoga for runners class that was actually taught by the same instructor I have at Infinity Yoga! It was a nice way to unwind and I got to see my running friends Christy and TJ.

Thursday: Planned-4 miles. Actual-4 miles. I was really tired and Christina actually  had to talk me into running.  Once I got out there it was great though, nice and cool.  I did a one mile warmup, two mile tempo run, and one mile cooldown. Right at the beginning of mile 2 I passed a group of cyclists who all shouted “good morning!” to me as they passed me and it totally made my run.  I was really happy with these splits: 10:42/9:59/10:09/10:27.  I had planned on going to a VIP Ladies Night event at Road Runner but once again got stuck at work late and missed it.

Friday: Planned-rest & yoga. Actual-30 minutes core work.  My trainer talked me into going to the gym and we did 30 minutes of core and upper body work.  I was glad I went even though I would have liked the sleep.  I had signed up for Restorative Yoga Friday night but got stuck in terrible traffic and didn’t make it.  I was bummed about this but just took the opportunity to spend extra time with Brian.

Saturday: Planned-7 miles. Actual-0 miles.  It was thunderstorming in Atlanta Saturday morning and was projected to storm all day, so we moved our group run to Sunday morning.  It actually stopped raining around 9 and didn’t rain the rest of the day which was annoying.  I got a manicure and had my monthly 90 minute massage.  It was a very relaxing day!

 IMG_0988Sunday: Planned-Rest and Yoga.  Actual-7 miles and Yoga.  I met up with some lady runner friends for my run.  I don’t run on the Beltline or through Piedmont Park often because it’s not close to where I live, and I really enjoyed the change of scenery.  We started out faster than I probably should have (ran the first few miles around 10:00 pace!), but luckily Amy agreed that it would be a good idea to slow down so the two of us hung back a bit.  It was a tough run toward the end and SO HOT. I wore my new Nike Breeze tank and really liked it, but I was still sweltering. Elizabeth ran 23 miles this morning and I don’t know how she did it! I called Christina after the run and asked her why we’re training for a marathon during the summer and she didn’t really have a good answer.  I realized that I’ll have to try different fuels etc during this next training cycle since running in the heat is so different than running in the winter.  I also realized that this summer will be the first summer since 2012 that I haven’t had classes, so I’ll be able to enjoy the pool on the weekends! I’m so looking forward to that. Afterwards, I came home and showered and ate, and then made it over to Yoga for Runners.  It was my last class from my first month and I plan on buying a package of classes and continuing to go every weekend.

_20150426_164252Elizabeth, Me, Amy, Jesica, Amanda, Elizabeth

I made it to the grocery store so Brian and I are doing some prep this evening for the week.  I’m determined to eat better this week and I’m hoping it helps with my energy levels and obviously my performance too.  I’m joining a new (to me) group on Wednesday morning for speed-work now that my IT band is all healed!  My mid-week mileage will go up this week too, so I’ll run a total of 22 miles this week.  Training is getting serious, so it’s time for me to get serious too!

What do you do differently when training through the summer?

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  1. Ugh, I hear you – when I eat like crap, the more I crave junk food too. That basically sums up my diet this weekend.

    All in all, it sounds like a great week of running, even if there were some tough days in there. I’m sure acclimating to the heat and humidity so soon just exacerbates it!

    • I’m tracking my food this week in an effort to get a handle on it. Hopefully I can hold off on my junk food cravings!!

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